Don’t be an idiot, I’m not taking the "deal"!!!


Okay I don’t know if the most people realize this or not: I can tell WHO visited my blog as well as the search terms they used. So in case you were wondering I am not taking the deal, I am not going to let you get away with this sit, I am not going to drop my tort claim, I will not do a diversion because I AM NOT GUILTY, you are wrong, what you did was wrong & I am not going to back down, so snoop around all you want, it doesn’t matter, anything I say in a public forum you can’t fight, because you broke the law, trampled on the Constitution & you are liable. Where is my dogs body??? What did you do with him? What kind of a stupid ass bunch of morons gut an animal stick post it notes all over his internal organs, stick your hands in his intestines & take photos of you doing so??? Then LOSE HIM!!! Are you all frigging insane? Or are you just that sick in your heads? Do you believe I am as stupid as you think I am? I am not, I see what you are trying to do & you are not going to do it. This is absolute insanity. I will take my chances in court & if nothing else I will take it to appeal, try to dangle my animals in front of my nose when we were just a couple weeks away from court? YOU HAVE WITHHELD MY ANIMALS FROM ME FOR 198 DAYS & YOU THINK I AM GOING TO JUST TAKE IT LIKE A GOOD LITTLE B*TCH WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG??? I would suggest you pull your heads out of your ass but I’m not entirely sure which one is which!!!

For those of you who are interested I have added 4 of the 8 pages, because I only got 4 of the 8 pages & I’d probably be even more PISSED if I had the other 4 pages if they are as stupid, insulting & assinine as the first four!!!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t be an idiot, I’m not taking the "deal"!!!

  1. Just in case no one could sense that I was angry… You haven’t seen anything yet!!! I just got a notice that Rose Adams is posting crap about me on craigslist. I just blasted the Prosecutor, the City Attorney, The City Clerk, & sent it out to a couple of friends. I will repost her ad, which incidentally ONLY helps my case as she is bold face lying which makes her a WONDERFUL WITNESS!!! NOT! What a freakin idiot.


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