Oklahoma dogs still being victimized

Well a lady named Connie Guthrie contacted me from Oklahoma. She runs a rescue called Save Our Strays. Now as most know I am having my own problems & I like to stick to rescuing local dogs since so many rescues in our state are busy importing the cute little adoptables while the bigger, older, or less adoptable one’s die here EVERY DAY… This woman asked if I could help her get some dogs adopted up here, & I knew about the tornadoes & floods that had beset the area, but like so many others once the news cameras left somehow I forgot about the whole mess.

Although I was sympathetic to her plight, I wasn’t able or ready to commit to helping her, but as she told me her story she told me about her daughter: Her daughter died while on a transport to save dogs, & they were carrying on dog rescue in their daughter’s memory because that is what she would’ve wanted. I have lost a child, it was on July, 28th, 1983 & the pain is still as sharp today as it was almost 28 yrs ago. She explained she was over 40K in debt with her vet & that she was the go to gal for a lot of local shelters as well. Okay she really needs help & she will drive these dogs all over the country to save them, more than 16,000 dogs owe their lives to her good works & effort.

All of that I understood, all of it was a familiar story but what the hell could I do? I couldn’t commit to 60 dogs when I could barely help the ONE I had. Well I was ready to give her all the reasons why I couldn’t help, & then she said something that made me stop cold. As she relived the horror of the tornado & the floods she explained to me that she has all outdoor kennels & that in both of the disasters she had to drag all the dogs in the house, she has a mobile home like most folks in that area, I have been in a tornado in Brandenburg Ky when I was a little girl & it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced, so I understood this woman hunkered down praying to God above to keep her home standing, to save her home, & her vehicles, but that was NOT what she was praying for, she was bawling hysterically at this point about how terrified she was that even one of those precious souls would die, not her house, property, cars or even her own life, she was scared for them, she was praying for them!!! OMGosh! What kind of a person is more concerned with a bunch of stray dogs more than their own life? That was when I made up my mind that God had blessed me enough to bring a person like this into my life I was DAMN sure going to try to help her!

So I contacted another rescuer, that I thought she could trust & that could help her get those dogs home. Her & her husband & some volunteers brought up 54 dogs, even though her husband had just barely had a heart attack. I thought everything went off well. I was miserably wrong.

Connie finally contacted me because she has received NO MONEY for her trouble & the agreement was, that the other rescue would help with gas, motel & give her 100.00 per dog. Each dog was micro-chipped, UTD on shots, fixed, & came with a health certificate. It literally cost Connie almost 300.00 per dog to get them ready to come here. Now the other rescue is telling her the dogs were sick, didn’t give her ANY of the money that people donated to help the dogs at Save Our Strays & further efforts to save them, nor did she arrange for her hotel, or help with gas. All she can come up with is saying that some of the puppies got sick & she had a 3700.00 vet bill… BUT she was charging a 250.00 adoption fee for each dog, & 375.00 per puppy & immediately got about 43 adopted, 31 adults 12 pups near as we can figure. So lets do the math here: Right in the door she got 12,250.00 even if she did have a 37k vet bill that still left her 8,550.00 she could’ve easily paid Connie the 54k & still had 3,150.00 left profit out of the whole deal. PLUS don’t forget that for 2 days the good kind people in Seattle were donating hundreds & hundreds of dollars to help Save Our Strays to help more dogs, but she had to take it all from people who could scarcely afford it. Please also remember that most of the dogs have now been adopted so she averaged about 14k yes FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS even with the sick puppies (if they were sick, she won’t produce vet records for them)that is still a 10k pay day.

I introduced this woman to her, this woman trusted her on my word, & God Bless her tender heart she is STILL willing to come up here & get these dogs adopted out if she can, but this time will be different, people can pay with a check, instead of cash only as this other rescue was making people do, she will be the ONLY one collecting money, & all of the money is going to her rescue & her vet, I have gotten her a motel myself & we have a few volunteers who are going to help as well to give them a break after such a long drive. We are getting crate & dog food donations for her while they are here & we are going to try to make this right.

No person deserves to be treated this way, especially when they are trusting & trying to do good. This is my shame, I will now face a T.V. camera tomorrow, & try to explain WHY I set this woman up with someone I KNEW had troubles before, why I thought she had turned over a new leaf, & why I didn’t make sure I was more involved to make sure everything was going as it should have been. I think there is a special kind of hell for people like that, at least I hope there is. I will not say her name here, it will be all over King 5 news tomorrow & then the bed she made is going to fold up around her, but the saddest part is she will just lie, she will only say things to make herself look like the victim, she will have a cover story: She always does, she even went as far as to tell those people she had a heart attack but she was at a Wedding the next day, her & her buddy are representing themselves as being with another well known 501(c)3, only God knows how much she owes the Dept of Revenue in this state but I will be sure to let them know that she is making money that should be taxed, she has even gotten down to bullying this woman by telling her that since the health certificates stated that they were coming up here to her rescue that she OWNS those animals free & clear when this woman from Oklahoma NEVER signed them over to her.. Who in the hell bullies seniors & robs them blind??? It will be on the news tomorrow…

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One thought on “Oklahoma dogs still being victimized

  1. I want to thank you for this post. I am sick today. I have been sick everyday since I got back home from Washington. I cannot believe I trusted this person/rescue. This will be on the news as a followup on Channel 5. I will tell all that our dogs, our organization were victims of this group and person. I now will have to go to court to get her to pay up. To find out about my pets. Everyone needs to be warned to stay away from her, to have NO DEALINGS WITH HER. Take it from someone that was taken. I hope everyone, when this story airs, will seek from this person/rescue, where is the adoption money, how did she spend it? Being a not for profit means that, YOU DO NOT PROFIT.
    Connie Guthrie


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