190 days since I have seen my babies

Well today makes 190 days since this nightmare began, I have not seen my dogs or cat in this whole time. Quite frankly I don’t know if any of them are still alive. I haven’t even been able to get them to confirm that for me. So every day I am studying the laws, every brief I write, every request I make, it may all come down to me fighting for the corpses of my babies. The last few days 3 of them have been on my mind so much, & I hope to God that they are still alive.

I can sue the crap out of them, this is already established, but what good does even one dime do if they are already dead? I have no idea where George’s body is, or if they sold him to a rendering plant to be cooked down into a soupy stew to make more cat & dog food, or if he has rotted away at a local landfill. Or worse yet if he is still frozen with all of his internal organs still in a baggie or with post it notes all over them. The last time I seen him he was looking at me like “Save me mom, please don’t give me to that man”, the next time I seen anything of him was pictures of him where they had cut him wide open & had their hands in his guts holding up his intestines with all of his internal organs cut out with sticky notes on all of them. What kind of a sick twisted fucking piece of shit does that to a living breathing feeling sentient being? It was not necessary but it would make for good courtroom drama… What they didn’t know is that I knew more about veterinary procedure & practice then they do, a simple blood test would’ve confirmed Lymphoma, they didn’t have to mutilate & desecrate his remains. Now they are giving my Kelpie almost 4 times the dosage of his seizure med’s which will take its toll on his senior liver & kidneys very soon. My Schanuzer is a senior as well, she is almost 12 & I bet they thought they had a real money maker in adoption fees for her because they thought she was only 6yrs old according to her teeth. These are the kind of people who have my babies & every day, every night I must live with this, I must live like this. keep in mind this is also the shelter where I was pulling out pit bulls that were injured & maced, what if they are doing the same thing to my babies? These are the sick pieces of shit that are in control of helpless creatures, & it goes even further than that. There were some rescuers on my witness list who were trying to pull an emaciated pit bull from there, a puppy who had been abandoned in the woods to die, he had so many people who offered to take him but they made him wait til the POS who wants to be the manager but has only been the assistant for the past few years, she made him wait to die til SHE got back from vacation. Yes I said POS, she is the same POS who LAUGHED at me when I cried for my George, when she wouldn’t tell me how he was, little did I know that he was already dead, & of course she didn’t tell me, she just LAUGHED, so yes she is a POS

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