The other world around us…

Wildlife. Funny we call it that, they have a very strict order in life, it is us who are wild. I had an especially bizzarre day this weekend. I was up on the Preston trail looking for our lost dogs & gorging myself on Salmon berries almost as big as a 50 cent piece when I heard something behind me. Okay Cougars would’ve already went back up into the mountains, the bobcat usually attacks me from a tree & there is only saplings here, oh crud! Salmon Berries = BEARS!!!! I turned around & a 2 point young buck is standing behind me, now for those of you who don’t know the young bucks can be a little testy right about now & if you have ever gotten your butt kicked, literally, by a deer you’ll know this is something you want to avoid, after a good deal of yelling & walking around he finally left me alone. Good I get back in the car & off to Enumclaw we go. While I’m driving a dumb racoon HAS to stop in the middle of the road in front of my car, so I chase him off & get a ways down the road & next thing you know there are 2 pea hens walking in the road & out of no where comes a WHITE PEACOCK! It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while, it was if he knew I was impressed with him, so he stops, turns around to face me & spreads out his tail feathers & on each plume is a perfect blue jade eyelet, it was incredible. Sadly as I kept going I seen a small dog on the side of the road, I stopped to take him off the road & realized he was a baby Coyote, so I cried & I blessed him & laid his body in the bush & kept going, now I see 2 beautiful pointers who block my car, so I rolled down the window to try to get them out of my way but I got stuck anyway while they both had a chat with me & licked every inch of my face at least 14 times. After we were done in Enumclaw my cousin took off to head back east & I went back up to Preston, my sorrow got the best of me & I sat off the trail & cried for my baby Coyote & then I heard a rustling & right in front of me was a mother Coyote & 2 babies! I told her to keep her babies away from the roads, & thanked her for coming to check on me, she laid down across from me while the oblivious pups played for a while, & once I started to laugh at their antics, she rounded them off & went along her way, she understood my loss as only a mother can & let me borrow her joy for just a time. There is nothing wild about them. I have fed my neighborhood crows, the cat food bowls outside have been eaten clean, the papayas & mangoes I left out for the new mother raccoon have gone to good use, now I get myself some coffee, & breakfast & thank our Creator for the beauty that surrounds me every day, for the knowledge to see it, & the grace they show me everyday…

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