Stevens County residents kill part of Washington’s 2nd Wolf Pack

Okay just when you think things can’t get any “stupider” in Stevens POS County.. It does. Step back & take a close look at what years of careful selective in-breeding does to a community. There is NO end to the amount of stupid news available coming from this county, if I was a national syndicated journalist I would personally just sit on their news wire.

As most people are aware the Supreme Court ruled bloggers don’t have the same immunities as journalists, but it is only slander, libel, or defamation if it is NOT true, the stuff that comes out of this county is absolutely unbelievably idiotic, & sometimes just unbelievable. I am also an ordained Minister so my confidentiality is maintained by the United States Constitution,something else the fine residents of Stevens County have never read (but evidently they know Steven King quite well)

So the newest story is: Bloodthirsty pack of dogs take out 350lb llama. Yes I commented as follows

Okay… The picture up above looks to me like a coyote hybrid, not domestic dogs. This is due to the fact that people up there DON’T FIX THEIR ANIMALS & coyotes are survivors so they breed with the local dogs. If someone catches them & doesn’t go all trigger happy on them I will take them myself. Oh & don’t go getting any ideas because until there are DNA tests done they are still considered “Domestic Animals” by Washington state law, & shooting them is still illegal.

As for the comments below… This is the first time either one of these people have been interviewed before isn’t it? Made me think about those folks that live in tornado alley right by the river in a mobile home standing in front of the camera with a pile of rubble in the background knee deep in water going “We never expected this. Did we Ma?” Cujo? Really?

“I think they are capable of do anything at this point,” Deputy Sheriff Keith Cochran told KXLY4, adding that he’s worried the animals may just be preying on area creatures for the sport of it. Undersheriff Lavonne Webb told the AP the pack is ” killing for the sake of killing.”
“They are doing it to be cruel, they’re bloodthirsty,” resident Temma Davis told the station. “It’s like ‘Cujo.’ ”
Webb told the AP it’s possible some of the four or five dogs in the pack aren’t wild and go home to their owners during the day. One resident managed to snap a photograph of the pack, above.

I am sitting here looking at the story & it hits me, they found a skinned Wolf & one that had been hit by a car recently over there, & then in horror realized that there was in fact a golden in the second pack. So I was scrambling to figure out who to call for management before the local puds got to them, but they have already killed them. I want to see the bodies of these “bloodthirsty dogs”, I want DNA testing done, I am going to crawl up everyone’s hind end til I get some answers. I have decided that this county is so full of corruption, greed, stupidity, & ignorance it is getting it’s own category… Hmmmm what shall we call it? Oh I know Steven County Duh! Winning! Sorry Charlie but you don’t got nothin’ on Stevens County

And again I have to say Cujo? Really people do you leave to town to breed often?

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