Who’s Guarding the Henhouse in Stevens County Washington

Who’s Guarding the Henhouse in Stevens County Washington

By: Brandia Taamu

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Article Submitted: April 26, 2011

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I am dealing with my own corruption in my own county, in researching Court of Appeals decisions I have started to notice some disturbing trends in yet another county. I am very sad as it seems as though the more I research the worse it gets.

Today I want to talk about Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen. I started to notice that cases that seemed to have no merit were so fully prosecuted that they seemed to have taken on a life of their own, yet there were cases that should have been taken to the fullest extent of the law that were barely acknowledged. My first thought is it’s a small town maybe it’s family orientated or related, but I couldn’t find the connection, then I did an internet search for his name & I had my answers! The many headlines proclaimed that 2 Judges had requested an investigation of Mr R for some donations to a charity or orphanage he is involved in, but this all came up at the same time as a somewhat heated election, which should have been enough to just let me move on but I started reading the articles & realized that Mr R was contradicting himself with each new statement he was making, I kept at it but 2 + 2 was still coming up 7.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind was the names of these charities, at first it was an orphanage based in Vancouver, then it was simply a charity he was “involved” with, so I did the same thing that the Washington State Bar Association could have done, & should have done. I looked up the latest charity he professed to be working with called “Water for Life International” it was registered with the IRS but not in Vancouver, but in Spokane & I found a web page for the site named H20 For Life & sure enough the author & creator was Mr R, & he lists himself as the owner/director/chairman of the board. I would say that is a little more than simple “involvement”. So why wasn’t he forthcoming about his role to the Bar Association? So the next step was to check with our Secretary of State website to see if he was in fact registered to do business in this state, I couldn’t find it. The impropriety in question is that there are allegations that 10 attorneys donated to his charity & that gave their clients a better deal. There was actually a note left by an attorney stating he had a good month & did he need any more donations to his charity. So why didn’t the Bar Association do the same thing I did? What is the status of the case? Why is he still in office? Why haven’t they requested receipts from these 10 attorneys, & why hasn’t there been a recall of all the cases these attorneys & that prosecutor were a part of? How many people are sitting in that County’s jail that are innocent? Worse yet… How many people are walking around free that were guilty? How much money does this man have to cost the county before they do something? Could it be that the Bar knows all of this too & doesn’t want to deal with the headache of re-trying all of these cases again?

I would like to have written a story here that has answers, but it seems all this story & the whole situation does is create more questions. The worst one being is that if they are this slow to move on something of this proportion how long will it take them to ignore in totality the merits of my case? My focus is on the state of Washington & I would be more than pleased to hear from any of our readers about other cases they know of, cases with hard cold proof, I am not keen on chasing flights of fancy, there are enough true stories to fill my time unfortunately. I don’t want anyone’s good name slandered & I am less likely to be interested in these types of stories during election times. I hope to do a series of stories on the various counties in our state & I will expand as I resolve my own issues. The only way we can stop this type of activity is to bring it into the light, flush it out & show it for what it is. We also have to become involved in the “process” not merely write little tidbits about it here & there, we need to be committed to our Government & to improving it. It is a good system when it works as it was intended & contrary to politicians beliefs, it BELONGS to us, no public servant is in office without our voice (or lack thereof) & their first duty is to us. What will it take to remind them of this, not just here but in our entire nation? I don’t exactly know yet but I am working on it. Brandia Taamu

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