Did you ever wonder why I’m like this?

Me too…

I am sitting here looking at my pictures of my Soffie, Misty, Libby, Hoke & Taz, I don’t know where they are, I don’t know if they are alive, I don’t know how they are doing. I do all of these Motions about my “Property” which refers to my animals, a term that makes me sick to my stomach, they are NOT property, there has never been any question as to who owns who, they own me, they have since the moment I laid eyes on them. Property… Do you know how I reconcile that term in my mind? Property is considered an “Asset”, in those terms it is perfect, they are an asset in ways no one may ever understand, they have made me a better, stronger, braver person, they have forced me to overcome my fears to care for them, they remind me to eat at least once a day, when I start to sink into the throws of depression I think of how much they need me & I them. When I’m having a bad day physically they push me to get out the door to walk them, & they know, they don’t pull on their leash, they don’t get underfoot. I realized the day that George came to my house that he was not well, because of my experience with my own cancer & the other Kennewick Eskimo’s cancer, I knew what it was, so I studied everything I could talked to every specialty vet & medical doctor that would listen to me, talked to naturopaths, & holistic doctors, talked to shamans, & medicine men & women. The problem with Lymphoma is that you can get a 6 to 12 month remission & when it comes back it comes back with a vengeance, we did manage to hold off the final stages for almost 18 months, until late November of 2010 he never even needed pain meds or had any weight loss. I had planned on giving George a dignified death, when he let me know it was time for him to go we were going to make the trip to Port Orchard to the vet over there where he could be put to rest being held & loved by me, & then I would go to the Ocean & bless his body to send his soul onto the universe where hopefully he could come back to me someday. Instead he was seized, thrown into a cement chamber barely twice the size of my car, all alone without the comfort of his Soffie or me to lay with. He refused to walk & was killed within 5 days of his time there. He lived for so long in a puppy mill & was finally enjoying a real life, he was actually starting to be a little brat too, & expecting his needs to be met, it was glorious to watch him blossom, as with all of the Kennewick Eskimo’s, but he was special to me, we connected immediately, he was scared of human contact at first but he wanted so badly to be with me, he followed me everywhere, eventually he even started to sleep with me, eventually it turned into snuggles & then he staked his claim on what part of Momma he was going to sleep on. The POS prosecutor is going to try to say something about him having cancer, he’s just that much of a scumbag, but he is the loser. George never loved him, George never slept next to him, George never looked up at him with wise,& loving eyes, he never even had the privilege of meeting George, he wouldn’t have been worthy of it anyway. The city can try whatever ploys, backstabbing double talking bullshit they want but the fact remains that George was here, he mattered, they can’t take away the precious little bit of time we had with each other. People like that become prosecutors for a reason, their conduct shows them for what they are, how low they will go, & how truly hateful they are. I have known some good prosecutors in my life, this one just has some weird little grudge against the world, but as hateful as he is, he can’t take away my memories,he can’t shut me up, he can’t take away who I am or what I am. So this case will be resolved, it will go to trial, I will file my Tort Claim, I will have my day in court, this City will pay for the evil they have done, none of it will bring George back or release his soul. I am a Minister, a role I take very seriously, but I am also a Native Unangan, Qawalangan as a matter of fact (Aleut) & there must be vengeance for his death to give his soul rest, or release, I can no more turn my back on my Culture than I could one of my children or my animals.

Please remember we are talking about the same idiots who could’ve stopped Ted Bundy right in his tracks if they would’ve investigated the rape of an 11 yr old girl who was found with a tarp under her with his trademark binding but she was just a little spic… instead railroading a woman sleeping in her car with her animals is vastly more important to them. What a bunch of pathetic excuses for City representatives. The citizens of Everett must be so proud…

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