A rescuers day….

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a rescuer? I would suggest you set yourself on fire & jump from the highest bridge in town before you become a rescuer. Seriously. This is as close as you can come to insanity & still speak a full sentence. Other rescuers & shelters can be your worst enemy. Stupid mean ignorant people can be just as bad. It makes being bi-polar seem like a walk in the park.

You wake up & get yourself some coffee, check on all your little charges, make sure everyone is alive & well give medications if needed, try to get them & yourself something to eat, usually your food gets cold & they get that too & you dread opening your email, & God knows just how much you don’t want to check your voice mails so you wash everyone’s faces, brush everyone’s teeth & spend some time loving your own & the foster animals.

The day can go straight to hell with just one email & the things that people tell you, or the stories you hear will break your heart, make you cry, make you angry, & make you wish you or they were dead.

As you make a mad dash to go save a mother with a liter of pups abandoned on the side of a busy freeway or go meet some crackhead in an alley to pay 200 bucks for what looks like 2 emaciated dogs who seem to be dead, or heading through a snow storm to save a dog who is laying on the side of the road after being hit, or going to someone’s house with a dog tied up outside with an embedded collar & bargaining for that dog’s life with last few dollars knowing full well there will be another poor soul tied to that same spot in a month or two.

But.. at the end of the day when you think of all you’ve done, & cry about all you couldn’t do, a sound brings you out of your fog, a dog in a full body cast who’s pain meds have worn off, you give her her meds & sit by her side, & you look into her big huge hazel eyes & in those eyes you see the gratitude, as she strains to lift her head to give you a warm gentle kiss as if to say thank you for loving me. As the cast comes off, as her mourning period for the family that so cruelly abandoned her, finally wanes, & you see her become a graceful loving confident beautiful creature, you rejoice in the glory of her strength & the beauty of her loving soul,but then comes the sad reality: It is now time to let go, it her time to have her own family, a family that won’t abandon her, & as you say good by one last time, she looks back like “Mom don’t worry I’ll be fine” & you say I know you will… then the phone rings or another email is waiting & it starts all over again.

Now that I have a competent able attorney, I am going to start a series of stories about my adventures in rescue. So stay tuned for stories from the front lines!

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