Help for others falsely accused of animal neglect

All righty then! Now that I know that I have competent counsel, I am free to help others who have been placed in similar situations as I am in right now. The first place I would suggest you or your attorney goes is to my web page.

You will need the information in there to start with, since I spent so much time researching animal law from all around the country that you are liable to find something from your own state. If not the laws, & cases I have used are a good reference point. I have a wonderful mentor as well. Please refer your attorney to this page because, as in the case of law, the sincerest form of flattery is plagarism, you take something someone else said that is smart & you say it, you win, everyone’s happy, it builds on their case & reputation, it helps you & so on & so on…

My first thought was to take apart each state’s animal laws to explain to you how they can be used against you & what to do about it but then I thought better of it. Here is why: I don’t want some little podunk from Gyblypt sitting around bored stumbling onto my site & getting a “new” idea on how to harass someone, so I will be working on each state laws & keep them in a private database. It is also not to anyone’s advantage to put it out there for the psycho institutions or charities to have more battle information. If you want this info I will need to have some kind of proof you are who you say you are & are actually involved in some kind of litigation, this info will also be given to defense attorneys as well. Now I am going to go get my first real night of sleep since January, 6th, 2011.

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