FINALLY!!!! Some good news!

Okay so I made my 19th or so court appearance today, in front of a Judge I had never seen before. Amazingly she treated me like a human being… but that’s not all!!! I filed for a Marsden Hearing against my public defender, as well as filing a Bar Complaint she withdrew from my case, & the Judge appointed a new lawyer from another firm. I have blogged about this attorney before, on a court hearing that was especially hard he has always been there in the court room with a warm smile, he is the only one who has ever made eye contact with me but I never knew who he was. I do now! He is my attorney, with: Trial Experience!

The bad news is the prosecutor said that now they won’t have their case prepared til at least August just going to prove my point, they were ready to proceed on June,13th when they thought I had incompetent counsel & they wouldn’t have to really prepare a case, now they need another TWO MONTHS??? That tells it all right there. By now you all know me I have done my research, this guy kicks some serious butt, a barracuda wrapped in a soft spoken comforting southern drawl.

The next part of bad news, perhaps the worst is that brings me to wait for my babies or another 2 months, I have made it through 5 months, but every day is like hell so as happy as I am about my new counsel, it hurts so much to know I am still more than 60 days away from seeing my babies. I don’t know how to reconcile that, just when I think I can’t make it through another day… I wake up.

For those of you who may not realize it I am extremely agoraphobic it takes me about 150mg of Trazadone or a bar of Xanex to get out of the door. On June, 16th, 2000 I was literally murdered, I was pronounced dead at the scene but a young paramedic driver started CPR anyway, so thanks to him I am still here. Most of my face is rebuilt & made up of parts, most of my ribs, my wrists & a couple of other bones were broken, my jaw was broken in several places, & I lost most of my teeth as well. The person responsible for this stalked me up until December of 2009, or at least that was the last time I actually seen him. I have worked on this for a long time & am getting better, but need to work on it more (obviously) My old attorney was aware of this & insisted I come into her office, but as evidenced by her lack of action the appointments were never worth the trip… This guy seems like he’ll be good enough to pop a Traz for! I will say all kidding aside this whole ordeal has forced me to overcome a lot of obstacles, namely this. I actually went out the other day, just to go out, not to save a life, or meet a friend or get to an appointment, but just to feel the sun on my face. I have to try that more often!

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