Releasing of personal information by Everett Animal Control?

Okay so here is the state’s STAR witness… She is sending out these emails saying Everett Animal Control is releasing personal information to her about me. The beauty of it is she is lying, or maybe they really did release the info to her & they are lying but it’s going to make court very interesting… Here is why: Okay if they say they released the personal information they need to come up with proof of it & they leave the City of Everett open to yet another Tort Claim, if they try to cover their butts & say they didn’t release it to her it just goes to prove my case that she is a lunatic & a liar. The thing about it is this woman posted almost 100 ads on Craigslist about me maybe more, she sent out emails to well over 500 people about me, so this is something sicker & more sinister than her trying to “help animals” The first night I came over to her house on the 19th of December, she was helping me with my phone that a doggie chewed up to get all my numbers & pictures off of it to put on my new phone & I gave her my old phone after that,but I noticed she had let the computer sit & it plays all the pictures on her computer for her screensaver & there were several pictures of me & several of my husband & I, sorry but that creeped me out. I think she gets obsessed with someone & goes after them to destroy them, I think that is what she does with her whole life. Please keep in mind this is a woman who counts all her knives, forks & spoons, & who made me crawl up on a chair with a tube of toothpaste to cover up pinholes in the corner of her ceilings because she thought the 2 rapists next door had crawled up in the crawl space & poked a hole in them to watch her & masturbate. She was also facing forgery charges earlier in 2010 but I don’t know what happened with that. This is also a woman who gets restraining orders on 8 yr old boys. Also a woman who has an eviction every year near as I can figure every year since 1991 & some years 2 of them! Maybe she thought she could get some kind of a reward from Crime-Stoppers for turning me to pay the rent she was 3 months late on. Then again she may have other reasons for doing this. I know she was calling CPS on her son’s girlfriend AND her ex-son in law & his new girlfriend one night & lying, & I told her she could go to jail for that or worse yet those people’s kids could get taken away, & possibly be abused or molested in a foster home at which point she told me to shut the f*ck up, that she knew what she was doing & why. Or it could be because she was also in trouble with Animal Control, I am still trying to find out the disposition of that case because if was dropped I’m going to have a ball with that at my trial, if she is testifying in behalf of the state in exchange for having those charges dismissed… they are done. Either way as long as I can get this information to the jury I might have a chance. I wonder what they are going to think about 30+ emails she sent to animal control in just a matter of days, I have requested them but haven’t received them yet but no worries I will be sure to post them as well 8)

What amazes me is that the state is still going to call her as a witness, amazing, but who cares, it helps my case tremendously.

Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 11:13:13 -0800
Subject: Brandia Ta’amu/Fake Pet Rescuer/Does Not Have A 501(c)3/Frauding & Scamming For Money & Donations/All Her Animals Were Removed, by Everett Animal Control This Month!!!

Brandia Ta’amu came to stay at a friend’s home 32 days ago. She NEVER once let her animals out of her car the whole time she stayed there, even though she was asked over and over again to let the animals get out and exercise, and to come into the house. Brandia’s car stinks badly of cat urine, dog urine, and feces!! There are worms in her car all over, because her animals need to be treated, and they had Giardia too! When animal control came with several police cars there was NO WATER OR FOOD AVAILABLE FOR THE ANIMALS!!! Brandia claims you can not give them an endless supply of water, because they will pee all over her car. Animal Control of Everett recieved NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS. AC came with a search warrant, and took all her animals. Also, animal control displayed on their computer that Brandia has actually dumped off dogs at the Everett Animal Control. The last time which was two dogs, a Husky mix, and the other one said “Golden Lab/Retriever.

Subject: Why Brandia Taamu’s dogs & cats were taken!
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 07:22:11 -0800

Anyone who has any questions about WHY Brandia Taamu’s dogs were taken by Everett Animal Control can call them, or they can call me at Ph# 425-750-7126, since they came to my house with a search warrant for Brandia Taamu’s car, and took her animals that were extremely dehydrated! By the way, they WERE NOT here for my animals, and I offered to let them look at my animals, but they were not interested they said there sole interest was in Brandia’s car, because of the NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS REGARDING BRANDIA TAAMU. Two days earlier, Animal Control was here to see Brandia, and Brandia REFUSED to let them see the animals in her car, which DID NOT have water then either, and as the woman was writing down Brandia’s plated number, Brandia floored it backwards down my long driveway almost running the AC officer down, and almost hitting my neighbors fence! My driveway curves, and is very long.

Brandia is lying to everyone saying she came to stay at my house…… on Christmas Day, and that is a lie. There are NUMEROUS witnesses that she has been here since December 12th, 2010 after she was evicted from her house. She refused to take her animals out of the car even when Sadie was not here for days on end, and was with my son at his dad’s. Those animals that Brandia had were suffering. Everett Animal Control had to call me the other day to tell me I have to take all my animals in to be checked, because Brandia’s animals all had Giardia & Worms. The dogs Brandia took to Christine’s (the Eskies) all had Giardia too! She took those dogs to Christine BEFORE she ever came to my house. Animal Control aslo said that the animal garbage which Brandia shoved under our car trailer, and has NEVER cleaned up, along with the blankets that were in her car, AND NOW ON OUR GROUND, that are covered in her dogs & cats urine & feces is CONTAMINATED WITH GIARDIA!!! I can not let my dogs in the front yard at all, because thanks to Brandia our ground is contaminated! Brandia has sent out numerous postings lying to everyone about WHY her animals were taken. They were not taken because she was homeless, which really is not true, because she has been with us since December 12th, when one of your fosters asked me to take her in. Her dogs and cats were taken because she NEVER IN 3 PLUS WEEKS LET THEM OUT OF HER CAR, AND THEY HAD NO WATER WHEN ANIMAL CONTROL SHOWED UP!!!

Also, remember that Animal Control DOES NOT take someone’s animals without evidence that they are abused or neglected! Brandia is facing criminal charges, for many reasons. BRANDIA TAAMU NEEDS TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!

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