Another day in Kangaroo Court… this makes 21 times

Well I went to court again today, Officially this is my 21st Court appearance in this matter, unofficially it’s 18 (because I can’t find the paperwork for the other 3 court hearings)

They managed to schedule me in front of the Judge I affidavited out AGAIN! Yes I said again, & to illustrate what my public defender knows & does not know here is what happened:

For those of you that don’t know if you feel a Judge will not give you a fair & impartial trial, you can make a Motion to Affidavit the judge off of your case, if he hasn’t ruled on it yet. He also can not rule on your case after that. Okay the second to last time we were in front of him. She was also trying to do a Motion to withdraw as my attorney at the same time I was doing the Affidavit, he granted my affidavit & then she asked him to rule on her Motion DUH he can no longer rule on my case, so everyone in the courtroom had a good belly laugh about that. Then today she gets up in front of him & asks him to admonish me to require me to go & see her, at that point everyone starts laughing. I honestly believe that the very reason the prosecutor is going through with this is two-fold here, I might’ve hurt his ego a wee bit with my blog & my web page, but he probably figures that since she doesn’t even know anything about procedural law, he can just slam her into the oblivion & THAT IS WHY THEY WON’T LET ME REPRESENT MYSELF PRO SE if I get up there they will have a fight on their hands. So I have to go to court AGAIN on June 8th 5 days before my court is scheduled to start on June 13th, this is so far past ridiculous that it is not funny. It is like one of those stories you hear that is so bizarre that you just can’t believe it’s true unless you live through it or see it with your own eyes. Frick some days I don’t even believe it!!! I am going to go down to the State Bar Association & literally camp out til someone talks to me about this to see what I can do, this is just ridiculous.

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