Woman admits to selling dogs with fake papers

Just another news story, it wouldn’t have registered in my brain if I wouldn’t have seen the Eskimos, who look hauntingly like a couple I just adopted out.

A dog flipper, according to her almost all the dogs she got were mangy matted flea bags who people only wanted money for… because her mind thinks like that. I vote for the people have been advised by craigslist when they post a dog to ask for an adoption fee to insure the adopters good intentions. I vote for the fact that people are in vulnerable positions, having to move, not having the money to properly care for the dog, so they let it go a a pittance, believing they had done what was best for them.

I’ve got another name for it: Dog pimp, basically that is all she is, a low life sleazy greedy little pimp. I would like to comment further but I may have to take this young one to court if those Eskimo’s turn out to be any one of my dogs So it’s best I don’t at this point but I will fill everyone in as the story progresses. I can promise everyone this much, if these are my dogs I am going after the folks I adopted them to with a vengeance

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