Let’s pretend I had a real attorney… Rose Adams statement

Okay so if I had a REAL lawyer let’s just pretend I did let’s take a look at the statement from the borderline personality narcissistic nut job here. I have written numbers on the lines so we can keep it straight, you might have to blow it up to see it, not sure how this works but here goes
7 & 10 I never even came to Rose Adams house til the 19th & I can prove that
17 Is just a lie, I let my dogs out but left her property to do it most times because of a pit bull she has that kills other animals
19 She never spoke to her landlord she was hiding fromm him because she hadn’t paid the rent in a couple of months
20 through 22, she begged me to bring my dogs in her house with a crazy pit bull who went after another pit bull, which took 4 adults to separate them, & it also killed her own cat. Her dogs also were infested with tape worms which were crawling out of their butts & you couldn’t sit down on the couch without checking first to see if there were any on there. They were all also mostly bald on their butts from being so infested with fleas you could watch them crawling around, I had also been bitten several times by 2 of her dogs & ave the scars to prove it… Um no thanks, not bringing my dogs in there.
22 through 26 She never touched my dogs so if to pull their skin up & unless she is a vet she isn’t qualified to make these statements. I kept a pan full at all times with their food in it
26 through 30 She gave me potty pads, I had went out there for hours at a time because that was when it had snowed, she had chased Gorge out of the house & I didn’t want to listen to her whine, so I was out there with the dogs most of the time
31 & 32 Again is she a vet, how can she tell if animals she never touched were spayed or neutered, can she see shots magically through their skin? I never told her that, Taz, Hoki, Soffie, Libby were spayed, George was too old & was dying of cancer, & Libby was not yet. I have their shot records to prove they all had their shots
33 through 40 NAICS Code clearly states Animal Shelter which is what I am licensed as
40 through 43 This is comic relief here, did they move West Seattle out of King County??? Someone better tell the folks in West Seattle that LOL! Seriousy my business has never been registered in King County.
44 through 47 I absolutey did get a 500.00 donation from a dear rescue friend for a deposit to get a place because f this mess, she knows full well I am not a 501(c)3 & can write a statement proving it.
47 through 49 I never received donations for that where is her proof & documentation, I’d also like to note if I did, I am the shittiest fundraiser in the world as the only money I got was from Judith
49 & 50 I wasn’t receiving either of those things
50 through 53 If I was parked in front of her house & never left, how could I magically be running around pulling from shelters in a 3 state area, & honestly which rescue would give me a dog while I was living in a car & why in the hell would I want anymore dogs while I was living in a car???

I would also like you to take note of the handwriting… My attorney is letting this stand, not challenging ANYTHING… Nothing like making sure the prosecution has a good day.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s pretend I had a real attorney… Rose Adams statement

  1. Any attorney worth a lick would’ve seen this & the other statements & had them thrown out, it is all hearsay, & the only reason you would ever let this nonsense stand is to prove to a jury how mentally unstable she is, but we already have her mental evaluations live & on line saying she is a borderline personality disorder , narssistic, bi-polar, abusive individual. Any statement she has made should be thrown out as well as the states case. IT ALSO PROVES THAT THE STATE IS ONCE AGAIN WITHHOLDING DISCOVERY… Where are all the times she said she has attached?



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