Is this a new world’s record for court appearances???

Court Hearings for this case of of 5/23/2011
1) 1/16/2011 Superior
2) 1/21/2011 District
3) 1/21/2011 Superior
4) 1/25/2011 District
5) 2/8/2011 District
6) 2/16/2011 Municipal
7) 2/23/2011 Superior
8) 2/25/2011 Municipal
9) 2/28/2011 Municipal
10) 3/3/2011 Superior
11) 3/24/2011 Municipal
12) 3/30/2011 Municipal
13) 4/4/2011 Municipal
14) 4/6/2011 Municipal
15) 4/21/2011 Municipal
16) 5/2/2011 Municipal
***17) 5/26/2011 Municipal
***18) 6/13/2011 Municipal

Just thought the taxpayers in the City of Everett would like to see how your tax dollars are at work. I am missing about 3 court dates but won’t post them til I find the paperwork for them, I will not post anything I don’t have paper proof of 17 & 18 are upcoming court dates… So much for a speedy trial, which I didn’t sign or waive my rights to, but then again this Everett I have no rights, because as the prosecutor Mike Fisher said, they are first class City & they are NOT accountable to the Washington State laws or Constitution & that statement is recorded, & that statement was okay with Commissioner Waggoner, & that is what they honestly believe

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