Motion of Limine & other ways to waste taxpayers money…

Several days ago I sent an email to Everett City Mayor, the Everett City Prosecutor, Everett City Attorney & my attorney. I have heard nothing from any of them except for from my attorney telling me I missed my appt. She also is not even aware that the prosecution made a demand/motion for discovery, she has no idea what is on the list & when I requested additional discovery she claimed she didn’t have it, so I had to point out to her that I was requesting it from the CITY… Okay I ramble, sometimes I get off track (okay a lot) but I decided I had had enough. So I sent them the a letter, I have not heard anything back to I take this as the City Mayors endorsement of this behavior. I consider myself a pretty well educated person, I have saluted the flag on a daily basis, say my prayers, pay my taxes, believe in the Constitution, & up til now have believed in the justice system. Everett has always been a can of crap for me, every since the first time we lived there when I was 7, nothing has changed much except for the fact that Willie Bird & I aren’t the ONLY 2 people of color in the city. They are still corrupt, the police still terrorize people, the legal system is as dirty as it gets, the proof is in the appellate court, do you know that whenever anyone has the time money & gumption to fight them over property they have confiscated they always LOSE, why because they stole it, they are nothing but a bunch of thieves, always have been always will be… I keep reading all the projected deficits for the city, sometimes it’s 2 million, then its 10 million, it makes no sense. by the time this is all said & done this will cost the city well over 2.5 million dollars near as I can tell, my tort attorney is asking for 4.75 million, not sure why but he might actually be good enough to get it from them, he hasn’t lost a claim yet, not even in mediation. The silence is deafening & it is also sad… The City of Everett’s Mayor, he is an attorney, yep, he sure is, he should be the FIRST one to take a look at this case see the improprieties & the illegalities & do something, you would think: but we are also talking about a city that has spent millions to cover 1 cops butt who bold face point blank shot & killed a man, they were also pretty slick about the whole thing, they mediated with the family BEFORE they started the investigations so no matter what their findings were they were out of the woods for more money, but they are free to spend it all on his fancy attorney friends & the attorneys & firms getting paid for this are some of the biggest names you can imagine, so my final conclusion is the Mayor Stephanson endorses this behavior & feels that since he has millions of tax payer dollars at his disposal to pay all of his attorney friends with he can do as he damn well pleases & there’s nothing anyone can do about it. What a sick & twisted commentary on government…

Oh & just an FYI… All of my court hearings have tape recordings, the judges are free to edit those recordings, I am not retarded, I have my own recordings so anything that would be “missing” can be authenticated by an expert which adds more fuel to the fire. So covering your butts at this point is not going to happen. Since now I KNOW the prosecutor is reading this blog, & using it bring stupid motions, I would say that this is some sort of communication, wouldn’t you? Again like I said, if you are going to use parts of this blog, I move that you have to include the whole blog, comments & all or none of it should be admissible. Please remember as I stated earlier, I grew up with an abusive father, he took everything I said & turned it around to have a reason to beat me… Your ploys are no different, you’re my adult equivalent of an abusive step-father… I beat him at his game by the time I was 11 yrs old…. I’ve had 34 yrs to brush up on my game & I have the truth on my side.

Now onto the slideshow, I have included the Motion in Limine, which shows that I sent the prosecutor my witness list, that my attorney didn’t have a clue what I was talking about in regards to my request for discovery, & that he is using my blog to come up with pointless motions, unless of course he really does want to call 169 people who will & can be character witnesses & who have worked with me, adopted from me, released dogs to me, volunteered for me, been in my house, seen my dogs & the level of care I provide. I sent him a witness list of about 23 people, he pulls up my blog & cries about me saying I COULD have 169 people… Can someone who is getting oxygen to their brain please explain to me what the point of this even was???

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3 thoughts on “Motion of Limine & other ways to waste taxpayers money…

  1. okay so let me explain further why this is retarded. The first 3 pages are the prosecutors Motion, he is jabbering about what constitutes a “character” witness & what is acceptable, he suggests that we call ALL 169 people & have a hearing where we ask 2 questions, of which everyone will answer yes to those 2 questions, to decide if they are character witnesses, he makes this motion after I sent him my final witness list of 23 witnesses. (HUH?) then his final statement is:

    The City suggests then that the only way to get a handle on this amount of testimony is to hold an evidentiary hearing, where the defendant can parade as many of the 169 witnesses she says she has, to be sworn & satisfy the court that each person’s evidence is of a pertinent trait of character, & IS NOT UNDULY BURDENSOME, WASTEFUL OF TIME AND CUMULATIVE. Finally he includes my blog & says I was “bragging” I would like to say that when & if I am bragging, everyone will be well aware of it… because it will most likely be followed with “In your face”… What would there be to brag about, that I got caught in a city I knew had a grudge against me for whistleblowing & that I let me animals get taken away because I left them & myself in a vulnerable position & now one is dead & the others are probably so traumatized that it will take a lifetime to get them back to normal if they don’t die before all of this shit is over, or if they are not dead already. No I’m not bragging, this is my blog where I share with my friends & try to problem solve, where I can think out loud in words so to speak & get some feedback, where I can cry about how much I miss my animals, how guilty I feel about them being taken, about how stupid I feel for giving you the chance to hurt them, when I knew damn well you would get me back anyway possible, touche, 1 dead 5 more to hold hostage. Seriously sir go screw yourself Mr Fisher… Oh & go put that in a MOTION


  2. I have to make a retraction of sorts, in my ramblings I struck out at the Everett City Police, I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Everett Police Dept, I know they get in trouble & YES they have man handled one of my son’s but in all fairness: I did tell them that if anyone of my kids got mouthy with them to take them down a notch or two, so… That boy has never gotten in trouble again. I am not saying all Everett Cops fart sunshine & rainbows, I’m just saying I’ve never had a problem with them, personally. If I had to pick a side to stand on it’s be theirs for the most part. Not the guy who shot that guy in cold blood… I don’t consider him a cop, just a guy who snuck in & got a badge for a minute.


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