This is who you, in the City of Everett, murdered.

This is George, he was alive, he had value, he meant something, he had feelings, he could love, he collapsed & refused to walk the day he was snatched from me, he only had a few precious weeks left & you took that from me, without so much as a second thought, I still remember the second you said “Oh they put that dog down” you didn’t tell me when, you didn’t tell me why, you just said it like you were ordering something at a drive through. Since you like so much to read my blog, see this, read this, no one is above the law, no one is above the Lord… The saddest part of what kind of a human being you are is that you will look at this & be all haughty & full of pride, you won’t wonder how scared he was, or what his last thoughts were, you won’t wonder if it hurt when he died, you won’t care if he fought for his life, you will eat sleep & drink with no problems, it’s of no consequence to you, all you want to do is win, score your little brownie pints. I would ask you how you sleep at night but I already know, you sleep like a baby, your conscience doesn’t bother you because you have none. There is a place for people like you & it looks like you found it. (For my readers that don’t know it yet, the Everett City Prosecutor is copying & pasting my blog here to file some GOOFY motions. Actually I will post that for you later for a little comic relief, after the night I have had I need it…)

This is who everett AC killed
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