Its Saturday & I don’t know where my babies are

I have no idea if they are sleeping in a nice warm bed, or tied out to a chain, or out in the cold, I don’t know if someone is comforting them or just ignoring them, I don’t know if they are scared, or lonely…

What I do know is that the City of Everett has an ego the size of Alaska, that they seem to have 1000’s upon 1000’s of dollars to waste to prosecute a loud mouth little Native, to destroy animals lives, people’s lives & that they feel good about this. I have already been to court 14 times over this at the “supposed” costs of 640.00 per appearance adding in the prosecutor, the judge, the clerks time etc…. So we are easing up on well over 24,000.00 including the cost of holding my dogs prisoner, slaughtering one & parading his body parts all over to take pictures of, the sick bastards actually put little post it notes on his organs after they cut them out of him, & the grotesque pictures they have of them with their hands buried in his intestines laid flat out on his back, you can still see his precious face, the life gone from his body. It was the face that used to kiss me, that used to bark when I would come out of the bathroom because he hadn’t seen me in over TWO MINUTES! You have to wonder if the people doing this get some kind of sick sadistic or sexual pleasure from this then you have to worry if they have children or have access to other vulnerable members of society. The pictures seem to be sending the message that they have absolute power & control, they have a right to take life & then parade it around like it was never worth even a mention, but he had meaning, he could love, he was loved, they cant take that away. I have tried to be a good Minister, but if this is what I have to Minister, if this is the world then maybe it’s better to let it destroy itself & let mother earth start again.

I have to wonder what Hoki & Soffie are thinking, & poor little Taz is such a momma’s boy. Libby & Misty probably think I have abandoned them as well. I don’t know if any of them are together & since the POS judge gave them absolute power over them & took away every single right I had left to them. Yes I said POS, what kind of a judge makes statements that convict a person before they have already been to trial, I didn’t expect a fair trial from the prosecutor, I didn’t expect any fairness from Everett Animal Control but the one person who was supposed to UPHOLD THE LAW has already convicted me with his own words & for those of you who don’t realize it, even if I get a jury who finds me not guilty the judge can over ride them & convict me anyway… Welcome to the piece of crap we call the Everett Judicial system.

This week has been particularly bad, I keep praying to just die in my sleep because then those bastards will do what they want to do in the first place & kill all of my animals but then we’ll be together, but every morning I wake up, every morning I have to realize they are gone & that I will never see them again & I know that makes them all so very happy, but like the saying goes, “Every dog has it’s day but every dog has its dog” So no matter what karma will nail all of their hateful corrupt butts to the cosmic wall & yes I will celebrate the days when it comes.

I finally filled out all the Ethics Board, Commission on Judicial Conduct, Dept of Justice, Bar Association, Human Rights Commission & Writ of Mandate paperwork, plus the attorney is almost done with all of the Tort Claim paperwork. All of it, will either be disregarded, or looked into, the Tort Claim is a given. NONE OF IT MATTERS, none of it can give me back the last little time I should’ve had with George, none of it can give me back the last 112 days I have missed with MY animals, sick stupid world where the only thing that motivates people to do good is to threaten to take some of their money & they don’t care they’ll just gouge the citizens of Everett for more. It is now time to go to the media, I have been holding off but there’s no point now, I’ve lost pretty much everything there is now my heart & my soul are destroyed, my life is in shambles, & the only thing that keeps me going was the hope that one day I could get them back which the judge totally destroyed, now all I have left to fight with or for is anger, & pain, & it doesn’t carry you very far. I have left my kids with all of the info so that if I do have another stroke the whole world will now why & they will also be able to sue them.

This is me signing off, please protect yourselves & your animals, become aware of the laws in your state or area so you & your precious creatures don’t have to go through this pain, it is very much the same as losing a human child, they are your children, & they come like a thief in the night & kill them or hold them over your head to keep their sick & twisted ideals of power & control. Don’t think for one minute this couldn’t happen to you, it is happening every day in this country

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