Note to the prosecutor

Since you are using my blog postings in court proceedings: I move that you have to include the WHOLE blog. Oh & just in case you missed it here is the post from my other blog:

Sometimes you just have to laugh or you’ll throw up…
Posted by Brandia Taamu on Thursday, April 28, 2011
So we went to court yesterday, another farce, the judge denied my motion for reconsideration to represent myself pro se, & of course ignored my DEMAND for the return of my dogs. The attorney asked for a continuance so I could get a writ of mandate from the Superior Court, but in the meantime the prosecutor filed a motion in limine. I’m not sure what it “means” per se, but it seems to me like the bottom line is the prosecutor was bored, maybe was having a pissy day so he started reading my blog. It is a bit confusing though, all he could come up with is

“Defendent has informally notified the City of the witnesses she intends to call, See Exhibit A attached & incorporated herein by this reference. Furthermore defendant has bragged that she will she will present “169 witnesses & it seems like this trial will go on for at least 2 weeks but I would bet even more…” See exhibit B attached & incorporated herein by this reference”
*** Exhibit A is the email I sent with a witness list of 23 people-exhibit B is a copy of my blog on the “I finally lost it” post.

So he is having a hissy about me calling 169 witnesses saying they are only character witnesses, & laying down all the rules of character witnesses. UH EXCUSE ME, you are attacking my character, I should be able to defend it, & furthermore crybaby I sent you a witness list I had narrowed down to 23 witnesses. What was even the point of that? Is it just me or are they the one’s filing frivolous motions & wasting time & money on plain stupid idiotic things. So he wants me to parade my 169 witnesses to the court house to an evidentiary hearing to prove they are character witnesses, which now that I think about it might not be a bad idea. I would have to subpeona all of those people, the state has to pay for each & everyone of them to come down twice & we will have to take the whole day of court to interview each & everyone of those people & then he’s got the nerve to end it with…

“So it is not unduly burdensome, wasteful of time & cumulative”

…but he wants to hold a hearing to interview 169 people??? WTH? I thought it was me that was supposed to be the dummy. Welcome to the First Class City of Everett, check your brains at the door… bend over & take it like a champ.

We now return our readers to their regularly scheduled reading, sorry for the inconvenience… Just stay tuned for further reading, since my blog seems to be court worthy I will be adding all kinds of stuff tonight…

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