I have officially LOST it…

Okay fine! One would have to assume you had “it” before you can lose “it”. I may have had it or some semblance of it, we’ll never know

I have begun work on a new un-public web page, after this whole thing is over, I will make it public, merge it with the public one & it will be good, & it will help others who are going through what I am, or worse. It is also the place I am adding all the evidence I find as well as all the case law, statements, & other bits & pieces of what will make my case. So please just think about what you already see on our site & know there is more… much more.

Lets just suffice it to say that we have added:
1) The Washington State Judicial Commission
2) The Washington State Bar Association,
3) The Human Rights Commission,
4) The ACLU
5) FBI/Dept of Justice
6) The Washington State Attorney General
7) The Washington State Veterinarian Board

To the list of people or agencies which are now interested in our case or have some interest in it.

I am also moving towards my lawsuit against the other rescue who is part & parcel of this BS, I believe she thinks her & her buddy Rose have gotten me off of her trail with all this but they have only made it MORE impairitive to make sure I smash her into the ground (legally), before this I was just going to let it go, but now I have to follow through with it at all costs. I have made my whole blog public, & I have made my web page completely public (some of you might’ve noticed that certain pages were password protected but since the Superior Court Judge violated my 5th Amendment rights the POS prosecutor has most of my trial evidence.

I have now 32 reams of evidence, 47lbs of vet records, 169 witnesses & it seems like this trial will go on for at least 2 weeks, but I would bet even more because every time the prosecutor opens his mouth I will have a rebuttal & a rebuttal witness.

I am also working on a story to send to the local media so they can see the corruption in the works, as well as all the laws that are broken on a daily basis in this city. My attorney friend guesstimates that this trial could go on for well over a month. Why would I do this? Well because I don’t expect to win in this crooked little city, but I will make sure I have enough evidence presented to pull this trough appellate courts for the next 20 years, thereby costing the City of Everett 100’s of thousands of dollars.

To be honest when they casually told me they put George to sleep I wanted to die, I bought enough pills from a guy to send me straight to hell & not even wake up there for a month or two, but then I thought of the other dogs & my cats… I am going to start seeing a counselor for my depression & get on something that will help me sleep without nightmares. I’m not real big on pills but I am averaging about 2 hours of sleep a day if I am lucky & all I do is have nightmares when I do sleep which takes me hours to recover from. The great part of it is once I get my bearings & get some sleep I am going to be one HELL of a force to be reckoned with, not doing to bad right now but I will get better. I have 34 days til my statute on my 90 day speedy trial rights expires & I have 14 motions ready to go so far, plus about 5 more I can or might have to file, not to mention getting all of Everett AC’s records, & filing complaints with 7 different agencies.

We also have basis for a multi-million dollar Tort Claim against the City of Everett & the State of Washington. This has become one of the most interesting cases in the state of Washington. All it took was for me to fight back, they took on the wrong mother, I will not quit fighting til I win or die, if I die I’ll simply haunt the bastards.

I have proven my own belief that my attorney was a retard. She just passed the bar exam 2 years ago, & was a graduate of Gonzaga which is the least respected school of law in this state, but just to add insult to injury, she is also a graduate of the Cooley on line law school which is a 4th Tier school that is touted as the place to go when you can’t go anywhere else, the average GPA is 2.63 & the average SAT scores are around 140. So I went to court last week to get the Judge removed from my case, I filed the Affidavit of Prejudice to get a new Judge, & she says well we are making a motion to withdraw, let me explain, I can only get the Affidavit if the Judge has NOT ruled in my case. He had to explain to her why he couldn’t rule on the Motion to withdraw 2 different ways, finally he just said you have to present it to the new Judge on Wednesday, not only does she not know anything about Civil, Criminal, Admiralty, Animal, or Constitutional law, she does even have procedural process down yet. CRAP!!!!!!!!!! That is who they assigned to represent me? As an attorney told me last week. It is far better to have a fool for a client than an idiot for a lawyer, I concur…


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