Stevens County Corruption 101 (for beginners)

So here is how you start a big old pile of corruption…

1) You take an egotistical, insecure, power hungry, prejudiced and/or hateful person

2) You put them in a group of like-minded people

3) Then you hire or elect them repeatedly & place them in positions of power

4) Then you simply do nothing about it

So why does it sound like I am blaming the “victims” of this abuse & misuse of power? Well if people would learn about the people they place in power,  if they would educate themselves & stand up for their rights then this would CEASE to continue. It really is that simple. Every time you let your rights be violated you are disgracing the blood of millions who have died to give you those rights. It is easier to pay a fine or submit, so that is what we as a society do. We have made the liars & cheats success inevitable.

When a story breaks about a Judge, Cop or Prosecutor that has crossed a line if they can spew a good enough line of bulldoody then we just ignore it & move on. We even go as far as to make excuses for them.

We have no respect for anything, if it isn’t handed to us then we just won’t do anything about it. We slander & mock our own Commander & Chief, we burn flags, we have a sense of “Entitlement” that makes other countries hate us.

When we do have an idiot for a President what do we do? WE REELECT THEM!!! Then we blame the next President for all the crud the last one got us into. We give him 1 yr to fix what the last guy spent 8 yrs screwing up & then all start crying like a bunch of babies if it does happen RIGHT NOW. We don’t get info from our own research we are content to have it all spoon fed to us through the local media. IE: The Obama escapade about his birth certificate… All anyone EVER had to do was go to & look up his birth certificate & it was there the whole time!!! Not one single person in the media could figure this out??? His birth cert has been posted on one of my yahoo groups since the first day this was brought out.

The interesting thing here is that once these people are allowed to get away with their garbage they come to expect that they will ALWAYS get their way WTH?


Murder trial delayed months while judge, prosecutor feud

The gist of this story is that Rasmussen doesn’t want Judge Baker to preside over any of his cases, because she turned him into the WSBA, the bar didn’t do anything then & they still aren’t doing anything now. Why do they coddle him so much? Remember what I said before, all prosecutors are attorneys, the bar is an association not a Govt agency, those same lawyers pay dues: Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?

Rasmussen’s strife with Baker began in July 2010 when he learned, while campaigning for re-election, that it was she and Superior Court Judge Al Nielson who filed a bar complaint against him in September 2009.

Baker and Nielson said they wanted the Washington State Bar Association to investigate what they described as “persistent rumors and reports” that Rasmussen was soliciting or accepting charitable donations for a Guatemalan orphanage from Spokane defense attorneys.

Nielson was more circumspect than Baker and has repaired his relationship with Rasmussen. However, the feud between Rasmussen and Baker spilled into court, with the judge at one point hiring her own lawyer and the murder trial left in limbo.

If she could do it over, Baker said, she probably would attempt her own investigation of Rasmussen’s charitable solicitations. But she thought a simple come-to-Jesus talk would have been insufficient if Rasmussen were trading favors for donations. A three-member review committee unanimously dismissed the complaint for lack of evidence.

A bar investigator had recommended a warning about avoiding the appearance of impropriety, but none was issued. Nevertheless, Rasmussen said he told bar officials “that I would no longer do anything along these lines.”

Hey! Will that work for me? If I go rob a bank & tell the cops I will no longer do anything along those lines, will I get a “get out of jail free” card?

See it is stuff like this you can NOT make up, it is so bizzare & shows just how deep the corruption runs in this state, it is so BLATANT & they will continue to do this because WE LET THEM!!!

So the stories never seem to end, just because Rasmussen & Baker are “fuedin” Lloyd Nickel & Evelyn Bell started in on eachother too!!!

Discord spills over: Workers quit talking to each other

This is the kind of garbage, high school crap that goes on & it is the citizens & the Bar who let it continue. When trials can’t be held cause the judge & the prosecutor, can’t get along then their little flunkies have to get involved YOU KNOW IT’S BAD. When it hits the newspapers & instead of being ashamed they cry like little teenagers who stole each others girlfriends or boyfriends. How pathetic is that? If our business made it into the newspapers like that most of would just die of embarrassment, but not them, it just makes them squeal louder. At least the Commission on Judicial Conduct is being a grown up about the whole thing

So I don’t live there, I wouldn’t live in that pig hole if you paid me & gave me daily protection from the US Federal Marshals! If they are willing to set up a State Patrol Officer on false child porn charges imagine what would happen to me over there with my big mouth! Look what they did to Pam Deskins! Only God knows how many other innocent people they have railroaded or destroyed… Small town politics at their finest.

So where is the Calvary? Who can reign these idiots in? Why isn’t ANYONE doing anything about these people? Well quit voting for these dipsticks!!! Fight back, DO SOMETHING!

Be careful WHO you vote for… You might get them.

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Don’t look to the Bar Association to do anything about dirty prosecutors

The Washington State Bar Association = JOKE.

If you are having a problem with a Judge, with a prosecutor, or with an attorney save yourself some time & trouble & contact the Washington State Attorney General or start a legal proceeding of your own.

Most people don’t realize a couple things: Judges & Prosecutors are all still lawyers, which is why I don’t trust a “public defender” as far as I can throw them. They are all members of the bar.

The Washington State Bar Association has only ever, in it’s history only took action against ONE prosecutor ever, ever. Usually it’s the Washington State Supreme Courts that have to do anything about dirty prosecutors or judges.

So what set me off here? Well after all of the evidence I sent to them about the Prosecutor in Stevens County THEY CLEARED HIM!!!! It took them forever (years) to finally get it done & in the end when all was said at done at the end of the day they did what they do: NOTHING!

So for those of you who missed it:

1) The Stevens County prosecutor has a charity called “Water for Life” or “H2O for Life”

2) Two Judges turned him in because they knew something was amiss. The “rumor” in Stevens County is if you want a good deal for your client make a nice donation to International Child Care…

but WAIT that is not the name  of this guy’s charity so what is wrong with that?

3) Well International Child Care is a branch of Versacare located in Florida, & they donate money DIRECTLY BACK TO WATER FOR LIFE!!! FORTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS SO FAR!!!

So this is what International Children’s Care has to say about Versacare here

Here is the grant list from Versacare, at around 10K to 13K per year donated to Mr Rasmussen’s charity I’d say this gives the appearance of impropriety at the very least. Looks like a money laundering set up to me.

2011 Grant List

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2010 Grant List

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2010 Grant List

Water For Life Guatemala $10,000

2009 Grant List

Water For Life Guatemala $10,000

So why won’t the bar do anything about it? The Bar is not a state agency, they are exactly what they say they are: An Association, a private association that gets dues from it’s members, not from you or I, but from the SAME people they are supposed to be “policing” lawyers, prosecutors & judges!

Do you see how that is not working out for you or I right from the beginning??? It’s a little like letting sex-offenders supervise other sex-offenders. Do you have to ask yourself why there is so much corruption going on in the courtrooms? If you do then please check yourself for a pulse or any brain activity.

The ONLY thing they seem to act on is if an attorney steals from a client, almighty money, but that is about it.

So there is no incentive to act honorably, no reproccusions to fear.

So why is there a state commission to police Judges? The Washington State Commission of Judicial Conduct, yet there is no governing state sanctioned department to police prosecutors & lawyers. It’s not like the Judges go out into the streets & drag people in on charges, they can only hear what the prosecutor puts in front of them & you can damn well  believe if they don’t play along with the prosecutors they will drag them through the mud with the Judicial Commission questioning their competency. We have created a system that holds the Judges hostage & lets prosecutors & lawyers have free reign, we have created most of the corruption in Govt today by not getting involved in the process, by being complacent, by not educating ourselves.

So I have done a couple stories about a woman & the corruption she has faced in Stevens County under Timothy (Tim) Rasmussen.

I guess the latest is that he is threatening to prosecute her (again) for something else because she is fighting him… That is always his response whenever she gets the best of him, he’s going to bring up new charges.

I got some very very very bad news for him & Lloyd Nickels. In Tacoma we have Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, Mark isn’t anyone’s little patsy, he gets convictions by abiding by the LAW. I know a few prosecutors who desperately need a few lessons from him, so I would LOVE to see either one of those dipsticks bring charges against a resident of the City of Tacoma! LOL! It would be the equivalent of flicking a gnat off your shoulder. Seriously look at his “record”. How many appeals do you see with any merit coming out of Tacoma/Pierce County? That is not to say he won’t take on a complicated case, he does it all the time & the weirdest thing: Among his most staunch supporters are people he has actually convicted!!! Not kidding, no joke. His work ethic & that of his department precedes him, there are times that  when people realize they are going to be facing him, they simply fess up & confess & move on & take their punishment.

The only fault I have seen with Mr Lindquist is he is a bit like me, he only sees thing in black & white, it is wrong or it is right, he has no middle ground, there is no “compromise” in his thinking, just the fact that he has made it as far as he has is amazing because he is dealing with people who wouldn’t know what ethics are if they came & bitch slapped them.

So here was the final outcome of the kangaroo investigation, a 3 member panel who had the information I gave them, a 3 member panel that took 2 years to come to a conclusion about anything. Who didn’t even issue an “Advisory Letter” who actually chided the 2 judges who brought the complaints. I mean how dare we make them work!!! What an absolute utter joke, on the citizens of this state. I wonder how much they make in dues? Do the Judges, Prosecutors & Lawyers pay different fees?

Remember I said if you are having a problem with a Public Defender before you request a Marsden Hearing to be very careful & give it a lot of thought because you stood a chance of ruining someone’s life work? SCRATCH THAT, it will do nothing, the bar won’t act on it, nor will they even do anything to the lawyer, so Marsden away! At least the Judge will listen to you & the Prosecutor can’t strong arm his or her way out of a Marsden hearing or blame the Judge for it.

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Revisiting Stevens County corruption

So now that I have a few down days to spare I went looking for some info on the goings on of the Deskins Case out of Stevens County.

Here is what I know so far:

My records request has been ignored but just to be smart asses they sent ONE record for a police call made to the property in Nov of last year, but NOTHING I actually asked for. The “Information Officer is Lloyd Nickels who is also a Stevens County prosecutor & I did speak to him, mostly he spoke to me, trying to justify everything that happened, further slandering Ms Deskins & defending all of their actions.

I will be contacting a few agencies here soon to get the records I requested or I will be getting the attorney who “handles” them up there (Another woman who won’t back down & talks back to them) so we can get the records, reports & so-called evidence they have.

There is a distinct pattern with these “Animal Abuse-Cruely-Neglect cases, it is the same in either or any cases. Unless you have enough money to hire someone like Adam Karp you are going to lose, you are going to lose everything.

Several things are going on, here. the most important thing is that Mr Rasmussen is up for re-election this year!!!! Which explains WHY they are stalling, & WHY the case, the briefs, or any of the information is not posted on line where it should be as it is a matter of public record. The case is in Division 3 of the Washington State Appellate court, I have REPEATEDLY asked them why it is not posted, I have called, I have emailed but nothing. So it seems like I will have to post it myself. Please keep in mind I had to retype it out myself so you don’t see the signatures on it. Since they won’t post the briefs on line, I’ll go find them & post them here as I find them. I also posted the docket down below so that you can see how much they are stalling everything…. Maybe we can get a calling email campaign so that they will post them on line as well. You HAVE to ask yourself why it isn’t posted, or rather why none of the briefs are posted. Makes you wonder why….

It should be noted that Stevens County SUSPENDED the enforcement of the animal codes they used to railroad Ms Deskins directly AFTER they convicted her!!! Title 20 I believe it was called.



A court may impose only a sentence that is authorized by statute.  State v. Paulson, 131 Wn. App. 579, 588, 128 P.3d (2006).  “If the trial court exceeds its sentencing authority, its actiOns are void.”  Paulson, 131 Wn. App. at 588.

As a condition of sentence, the district court ordered:  “All pets or livestock, domestic or commercial at 5522 Wallbridge Rd. shall be forfeit to Stevens County Sheriff on 3/5/2010 except for proof of ownership by others.”  App. B. at 3.

RCW 16.52.200(3) provides in relevant part:

“In addition to the penalties imposed by the court, the court shall order the forfeiture of all aniamls held by law enforcement or animal care and control authorities under the provisions of this chapter if any one of the animals involved dies as a result of the violation of this chapter or if the defendant has a prior conviction under this chapter.  In other cases the court may enter an order requiring the owner to forfeit the animal if the court deems the animal’s treatment ot have been severe and likely to reoccur”.

When the meaning of a statute is clear on its face, the appellate court assumes the legislature means exactly what it says, giving criminal statutes literal and strict interpretation.  State v. Delgado, 148 Wn.2d 723, 727, 63 P.3d 792 (2003). The plain terms of the statute limit forfeiture to “all animals by law enforcement or animal care and control authorities under the provisions of this chapter.”  RCW 16.52.200(3).

Here, SpokAnimal initially held 39 dogs following their seizure from Deskins’ property in October 2008.  1RP 670, 715.  Ms. Deskins had an animal rescue and sanctuary, and commercial ranch.  Four dogs were returned to Deskins (and Mr. Benson) in November 2008.  1RP 725.  11 more dogs were returned in December 2008.  1RP 725.

Any forfeiture is limited to the dogs held by the animal care authorities. SpokAnimal never held Ms. Deskins’ livestock. Deskins owned horses, donkeys and llamas.  1RP 531-32, 689.  Deskins has been in the commercial animal business since 1984, and her property is titled in agriculture.  1RP 825.  The District Court lacked authority to order forfeiture of all livestock.

Moreover, the record shows Spokanimal returned 15 dogs to Deskins long before this case went to trial.  1RP 725 (14 months).  Those dogs are not subject to forfeiture because their return to Deskins meant they did not continue to be held by the animal care authorities. Stevens County Prosecutors also had a Settlement Agreement on or about December 24, 2008 with Deskins to return her dogs to her. The Settlement Agreement was memorialized in writing between Lloyd Nickel of the Stevens County Prosecutors office, attorney Robert Caruso for Ms. Deskins and attorney Kim Kamel at Witherspoon Kelly for SpokAnimal(the parties).  As a practical matter, the return of the dogs to Deskins by Stevens County and Spokanimal revealed that Ms. Deskins had adequately provided for the dogs in the first place that were impounded.

Even if the statute is ambiguous on this point, the rule of lenity applies in favor of Deskins.  “Under the rule of lenity any ambiguity in the meaning of a criminal statute must be resolved in favor of the defendant”.  In re Pers. Restraint of Hopkins, 137 Wn.2d 897, 901, 976 P.2d 616 (1999).

The superior court on appeal ruled “[t[he trial court’s forfeiture under RCW 16.52.200 was lawful as to all animals ‘held by law enforcement’ and as to any animal where ‘the animal’s treatment to have been serve [sic] and likely to reoccur.'”  App. A at 6.  The forfeiture order is not lawful as to any animal where the animal’s treatment is severe and likely to reoccur, because the district court entered no such Finding and did not justify the forfeiture order on this ground.

The superior court appeared to recognize forfeiture is otherwise limited to those animals held by SpokAnimal, but ruled “It is not clear from the record whether all animals seized came within RCW 16.52.200, this part of the sentence is remanded for clarification of the seizure.”  App. A at 6.

The superior court erred in failing to outright reverse this illegal sentencing condition. The district court had no authority to order forfeiture of all livestock and of all pets that were not being held by animal control authorities.  Contrary to the superior court’s ruling, the record is clear that those animals did not fall within the scope of RCW 16.52.200.

The breadth of the forfeiture order is without statutory authority and is void as a matter of law.  Paulson, 131 Wn. App. at 588.  Review is appropriate under RAP 2.3(d)(1), (d)(3) and (d)(4).

As a conditoin of the sentence, the district court ordered:  “Do not own, acquire or live with pets or livestock during the probationary period” (for 2 yrs.).  App. B. at 3.  The trial court imposed this broad prohibition without statutory authority.

RCW 16.52.200(3) provides in relevant part “If forfeiture is ordered, the owner shall be prohibited from owning or caring for any similar animals for a period of time as follows:  (a) Two years for a first conviction of animal cruelty in the second degree under RCW 16.52.207[.]”  “Similar animal” means “an animal classified in the same genus.”  RCW 16.52.011(2)(k).

The district court exceeded its statutory authority because the prohibition is limited to “similar animals” that were subject to forfeiture.  As set forth in section E.3., supra, the only animals lawfully subject to forfeiture are the dogs held by Spokanimal (not the livestock).  Dogs belong to the same genus “canis,” which includes wolve, jackals, and in older classifications, foxes.  Webster’s Third New Int’l Dictionary 327 (1993).  Livestock are not of the same genus and are thus not “similar” animals subject to prohibition under RCW 16.52.200(3).  The district court’s order violates its mandate to give criminal statutes strict interpretation and not to enter an order that exceeds its statutory authority.  Delgado, 148 Wn.2d at 727; Paulson, 131 Wn. App. at 588.

Furthermore, RCW 16.52.200(3) does not prohibit anyone convicted of Second Degree Animal cruelty from living with similar animals.  IF FORFEITURE IS ORDERED, it only prohibits owning or caring for such animals under the statute.  Deskins’ property encompasses approximately 4 farm acres.  Another person lives on the property.  1RP 771.  Deskins can live with similar animals on her property without owning or caring for them.  The distict court exceeded its statutory authority in ordering otherwise.  Any ambiguity on this point must be resolved in favor of Deskins under the rule of lenity.  Hopkins, 137 Wn.2d at 901.

Deskins’ previous counsel did not challenge this aspect of the distict court’s sentence in superior court but erroneous sentences may be challenged for the first time on appeal.  State v. Bahl, 164 Wn.2d 739, 744, 193 P.3d 678 (2008).  When a sentence has been imposed for which there is no authority in law, appellate courts have the power and duty to correct the erroneous sentence upon its discovery.  In re Pers. Restraint of Carle, 93 Wn.2d 31, 33-34, 604 P.2d 1293 (1980).  Review is appropriate under RAP 2.3(d)(1), (d)(3) and (d)(4).

Mr. Sjoegren is asking this court to sanction Ms. Deskins for an alleged probation violation by enforcing the fines imposed by the District Court.  The district court imposed a $1,000 fine for count 1, suspended on the condition that Deskins comply with probation requirements.  App. B at 1.  RCW 16.52.165 unequivocally limits the fine for conviction under RCW 16.52.080 to $150.00.  The error is obvious.  Deskins’ previous counsel did not challenge this aspect of the district’s court sentence, but appellate courts have the duty to correct illegal sentences when they are discovered.  Carle, 93 Wn.2d at 33-34.  Review is appropriate under RAP 2.3(d)(1), (d)(3) and (d)(4) to correct this illegal sentencing condition.

Although excessive and overbroad, the trial court’s 2/26/10 ruling indicated that others may possess animals while living on Deskins’ property.  Although it is not proper that the trial court heard 3rd party claims regarding ownership of other animals on Ms. Deskins’ farm property in the context of a criminal proceeding, the court’s order is clear that the court was allowing ownership of animals by others who reside on Deskins’ property.

The district court order of 2/26/10, App. B at 2, ruled that, “Supervised probation to end upon completion of psychological counseling to treat mental health problems contributing to the violation Commission. Sub(7).  

Ms. Deskins’ position is that she has completed a requirement of counseling.  Probation Officer Mr. Robert Sjoegren has indicated that he doesn’t believe the counseling at Stevens County’s New Alliance Counseling met the probation requirement.  Mr. Sjoegran apparently doesn’t approve of the New Alliance counseling staff counselors.  It is not up to Mr. Sjoegren to pick and choose the mental health professionals Ms. Deskins chooses to see.

Finally, the state legislature has apparently just cut funding for supervised probation for certain types of lower level crimes. The misdemeanor counts against Ms. Deskins fall into this category.  For this reason, and the above referenced, Ms. Deskins requests that this court enter an order that Ms. Deskins is no longer required to have any supervised probation and/or required to continually appear before this court.  Colville is 70 miles from Ms. Deskins’ home.  Ms. Deskins attended counseling sessions for some 8 months.  Her medical insurance does not pay for court-ordered counseling and Ms. Deskins cannot afford further out of pocket expenses.  Moreover, there has been no diagnosis of Ms. Deskins other than for depression.  She has been compelled to attend hearings in Colville no less than three times to date for alleged violations of the terms of her probation.  Ms. Deskins is recoverying from Open Heart Surgery and must now also have other surgeries.

There appears to be no legitimate reason to continue putting Ms. Deskins through hearings on probation violations, and particularly in view of the budgetary constraints imposed on Stevens County by the state.

Appellate Court Case Summary

Case Number: 295320
Filing Date: 11-12-2010
Coa, Division Iii


Event Date Event Description Action
11-12-10 Notice of Discretionary Review Filed
11-15-10 Affidavit of Service Filed
12-02-10 Case Received and Pending Status Changed
12-02-10 Other filing Filed
12-06-10 Letter Sent by Court
12-07-10 Telephone Call Received by Court
12-08-10 Notice of Cross Review Filed
12-09-10 Order of Indigency in Superior Court Filed
12-13-10 Letter Sent by Court
12-14-10 Telephone Call Comment
12-16-10 Motion for Stay Filed
12-21-10 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
12-22-10 Telephone Call Comment
12-22-10 Letter Sent by Court
12-22-10 Ruling on Motions Filed
12-29-10 Indigent Defense Counsel Assigned Information – not filed
01-05-11 Telephone Call Received by Court
01-12-11 Telephone Call Comment
01-21-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
01-24-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
01-25-11 Letter Sent by Court
01-26-11 Motion for Withdrawal of Counsel Filed
02-02-11 Letter Received by Court
02-10-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
02-14-11 Motion for Withdrawal of Counsel Filed
02-14-11 Letter Sent by Court
02-18-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
02-22-11 Letter Sent by Court
02-22-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
02-25-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
03-01-11 Letter Sent by Court
03-01-11 Indigent Defense Counsel Assigned Information – not filed
03-21-11 D/r Supr Decision on Rvw Frm Crt Lim Jrd Filed
03-22-11 Letter Sent by Court
04-07-11 Statement of Arrangements Filed
04-07-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
04-07-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
04-12-11 Letter Sent by Court
05-05-11 Report of Proceedings Filed
05-05-11 Letter Received by Court
05-06-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
05-09-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
05-10-11 Letter Sent by Court
05-16-11 D/r Supr Decision on Rvw Frm Crt Lim Jrd Filed
05-16-11 Motion for Waiver of Page Limitation Filed
05-16-11 Set for Motion Calendar Status Changed
05-16-11 ASCII Disk Filed
05-16-11 Oral Argument Setting Letter Sent by Court
05-16-11 Report of Proceedings Received by Court
05-18-11 Letter Sent by Court
05-18-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
06-08-11 Response to Motion for Discretionary Review Not filed
06-09-11 Response to Motion for Discretionary Review Filed
06-15-11 Motion Heard Status Changed
06-15-11 Motion Heard Status Changed
07-08-11 Case Received and Pending Status Changed
07-08-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
07-08-11 Perfection Letter Sent by Court
08-08-11 Designation of Clerks Papers Filed
08-08-11 Statement of Arrangements Filed
08-15-11 Motion for Accelerated Review (adult) Filed
08-15-11 Clerk’s Papers Filed
08-17-11 Letter Sent by Court
08-26-11 Response to motion Filed
08-29-11 Set for Motion Calendar Status Changed
08-29-11 Report of Proceedings Filed
08-29-11 Oral Argument Setting Letter Sent by Court
08-29-11 Filing of VRP by Crt Reporter Filed
09-08-11 Report of Proceedings Received by Court
09-08-11 ASCII Disk Filed
09-21-11 Record Ready Status Changed
09-21-11 Affidavit – Other Received by Court
09-22-11 Letter Sent by Court
09-22-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
10-13-11 Appellants brief Filed
10-24-11 Motion to Modify Ruling Filed
10-31-11 Other filing Filed
11-04-11 Letter Sent by Court
11-14-11 Answer to motion Filed
11-16-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
11-16-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
11-17-11 Letter Sent by Court
11-22-11 Reply to Response Filed
12-01-11 Order on Motions Filed
12-01-11 Letter Sent by Court
12-20-11 Motion to Extend Time to File Filed
12-21-11 Ruling on Motions Filed
12-22-11 Letter Sent by Court
01-04-12 Ready Status Changed
01-04-12 Respondents brief Filed
01-12-12 Clerk’s Notice to Crim App Re Statement Sent by Court
01-12-12 Telephone Call Sent by Court
01-13-12 Other filing Filed
02-13-12 Statement of Additional Grounds for Review Due


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Friday Funnies… Stevens County Wa

I’m on the road today so can’t do much writing but I stumbled across this photo & it wasn’t til somewhere around Easton it hit me…

Where are they now….

Grandpa Munster


Mr Rasmussen


You be the judge…. Even Mr Rasmussen should get a kick out of this one!





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Weekly Search Terms Week Ending 9/18/2011

As most of you know I have trackers, counters & a bunch of other widgets to gather info about who’s on my page. Part of WordPress built in capabilities is to show you which search terms someone used. Once I have identified the IP Address it becomes pretty obvious who is using what search term, It is also precious when someone copies & pastes my page & sends it to someone else.

Now it usually just amuses me seeing certain search terms, but some honestly alarm me, I don’t know how they end up on my page with some of the terms but they do. I sometimes get personal emails, or they leave a comment & I just respond to them privately. Sometimes I get youngsters in distress & that just upsets me.

Please people remember, every person you come across in life… You have the power to touch them somehow, whether it is just a simple hand shake or a hug, or listening, or just reaching out with a kind word. I have walked up to complete strangers & just given them a hug, & it always breaks my heart when they just melt into me & break down in tears, I always cry too. Just a word of warning don’t do this unless you have an additional hour of your life to share with another human being & warn people before you do it so they don’t think you’re being a perv.

We see all the bad people in the news, but most people are generally good, they have desires, they have dreams, they have needs, & they have SO much to offer, but we have lost sight of each other in our own race to survive. Everyone alive has their own issues they are dealing with, everyone has their own personal thresholds of what they can handle or tolerate, when someone is being especially rude don’t respond back in anger, ask them SINCERELY what is wrong, sometimes they just need to be heard & again you would be amazed at the things people are going through. Last night I got brave & walked down to the grocery store & the lady at the check out line was being so RUDE I wanted to smack her a good one, seriously, but then I looked into her face & I seen the pain so I asked her what was wrong, & she just broke down: She had just buried her mother, was caring for her father full time now, her son had just been diagnosed with some kind of a blood disorder & to top it off she had just gotten back biopsy results that day & she has cancer. Sometimes people are just jerks because they are just jerks but I have found that is very rare.

So onto our new “Category” Search Terms for the week… Please keep in mind I don’t release how many times a search term has been used & they are in no specific order

Search Terms for this week
brandia taamu    This is the prosecutor & Rose Adams Beutler playing I spy
ron gipson everett wa    It is getting close to election time….
brandia alida marea perez taamu    Prosecutor & Rose again
mike fisher prosecutor of everett, wa    No Clue
marsden hearing    No clue
corruption in wa. state courts    I would hate to think Everett is the only bunch of dirty players
brandia taamu vs state of washington    This is a from another article
jim iles everett wa marrital status    Okay I don’t get this one… If you are interested in him, just say so, ask, in person, if you are seeing him & don’t know, then you need to re-examine your relationship with him
water for life international tim rasmussen adventist    This is that Prosecutor in Stevens County that is having Lawyers donate to one charity & then the parent charity “Donates” the money back to his charity. kind of a money laundering ponzi scheme all at once. Every year they donate 10 to 15K to one charity, then the parents company donates 10 to 13K back to his charity
everett city prosecuting attorney    No clue
rose adams accident wa state    No clue but I am going to be looking!
malicious prosecution washington state    Working with this man to help him find a good attorney
“officer gowin” king county    I wrote about Officer Gowin in STEVENS COUNTY who came onto Ms Deskins property & left her helpless in her  driveway. It has nothing to do with Officer Gowin in King County
“lori trask” everett    No clue
she’s a liar everett, wa    Rose trying to be sneaky & use a different search term
guard dog training schools everett wa    No clue
wa state accident rose adams    Now I really have to figure tis one out…
city of everett animal shelter    No clue
shannon delgado everett animal shelter    No clue
wordpress releasing personal information    This was someone looking to see what they could do about my blog… I don’t print or say anything I don’t have proof of I don’t have to lie, they gave me so much ammo that you can’t even make this stuff up!
stevens county district court in washington state    Probably someone just looking for an address
what does “special address information” mean for a company in washington    Investigating my business license
rose marie adams-beutler    Rose checking to see her name in print, gotta get some attention some how LOL!
she lied everett, wa    Rose
marsden” hearing    No clue
judge david mitchell everett 
shannon delgado everett
wolf kill dog    Stevens county pieces of shit wiped out almost the whole second wolf pack & they claimed it was a pack of wild dogs, but the pix were CLEARLY of wolves, not even fish & game has done anything, corruption rules in the good old boy club
animal abuse everett 
ron gipson, everett, wa Council up for reelection
judge david c mitchell everett wa my judge who doesn’t do anything
larry kristianson judge wa No clue, I think this is someone from Stevens County
tim rasmussen adventist
tim rasmussen colville
commisioner tracy waggonerrer The idiot commissioner who knew NOTHING about the law, or her role in t & helped james iles & mr fisher get all of the info on my case to use against me. I’m not sure if she was being malicious or just stupid
ginger’s pet rescue this is the rescue I am starting litigation against
city of everett police impound fees no clue
june robinson everett washington one of the candidates for City council, NEW BLOOD!!! Vote for her :~)
brenda stonecipher everett Everett City councilmember up for reelection,
“washington state government” + corruption + online forum or online blog no idea, but maybe I should start an interactive forum for statewide corruption
ode to an aging, ugly troll Someone else knows a troll? LOL!
everett city council candidates ron gipson  This is the an who is in charge of the Everett animal shelter, one of the ORIGINAL people who voted yes on Everett pit bull legislation, if you want the killing of innocent dogs to stop then GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE
shannon delgado animal   POS shelter manager in charge of helpless animals, that loses dead dogs bodies, & laughs when they die
falsely accused of animal abandonedment    no clue
taamu vs the city of everett    
mike fischer everett    the city of everett prosecutor
ron gipson vote    DON’T VOTE FOR HIM
“government corruption” or “political corruption” + “state of washington” or “washington state” + online forum    
june robinson for everett city council website    
mike fisher everett prosecutor    
erv hogland 2011    This is the guy to vote for! He is a bit renegade & Alva Long all wrapped into one, he will change the way things are done, if the voters are smart enough to come up for air
water for life rasmussen    
who is running against brenda stonecipher    
horse rescue stevens county washington 2008    
coral kerr, in jail for animal hoarding    
“government corruption” or “political corruption” + “washington state” or “state of washington” + online forum    
brandia taamu washington state    
volgistics log in everett animal shelter    Someone else is investigating the Everett Animal shelter & it’ll make me look like a splinter in their side compared to them
shannon affholter city of everett    Up for reelection, DO NO VOTE FOR HIM
craigslist seattle terrier 0800    
“shannon affholter”    
tim rasmussen seventh day adventist    
intimidation do i show i don’t care?  I don’t know who this is, but if you need any help please let me know
kate reardon, everett    I don’t know why anyone is looking for Kate, she is the City’s spokeswoman this is who’s skirt tails the Mayor hides behind because he is too good to communicate with us lowly voters. She should be the Mayor since she seems to be the ONLY one who knows what in the hell is going on
guillen v. contreras ( 82531-9(9/2010)

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Stevens County… Now Spokanimal & SHS too???

It is widely well known I have NOTHING but disdain for Stevens County, namely the prosecutors & law enforcement. I on the other hand have had nothing but respect for Spokanimal… If it wasn’t for them I never would’ve gotten my wolf back after a year of searching & over 20K spent looking for him. I being a rescuer see the pleas that go out all across the state begging for help with the plethera of dogs that pass through their doors daily & I know the workers to be out for the best interest of the animals.

So when I received this I was upset to say the least. I already know that Mr Rasmussen is gearing up to trump up any charge he can think of against Ms Deskins, I already know that he is a dirty player, but I also know NOW he is not the brains behind the whole thing, he is merely a prima donna puppet, but he also thinks he is smarter than anyone else with his ponzi charity scheme, aided by the CHURCH no less. I am seeking legal counsel as they have REFUSED to release the public records I have requested, so they will be sucking the tax payers dry to cover their tails for that too. The public information officer is the prosecutor & evidently the info I asked them for will show the waste of tax payer money & the malicious prosecution of Ms Deskins & who knows how many others. I’m glad that the people in Stevens County can afford all of this, maybe they have no unemployemnt, no poverty, their roads must be paved with top quality grading, their property taxes must be the lowest in the state & their public education must be super funded, so I guess they are free to spend upwards of 2 million dollars to prosecute a lowly little woman who mouthed off to them. I have included the letters written to Ms Deskins as well as her response.

I personally am losing my objectivity in this issue, I have worked with Spokanimal & with the Spokane Humane Society, if it wasn’t for the latter my life would not have been so richly blessed, I got well over 25 of the Kennewick Eskimo from them & again Spokanimal is the very reason my boy Chunky is alive. I have read the statements made by Gail Macke, I have seen pictures of bloody dogs waiting in cages all day long during one of the raids, dogs tranquilized that could not recover & they died, I seen the pictures of beautiful healthy little puppies that they claim the mothers ate because they had cleft palates, no where in any picture was there any indication that there were cleft palates which are most times visually obvious, nor that they were unhealthy & if in fact the mothers did eat there young it was because they were so stressed out that it was the only thing they could think of to do to help themselves. Personally I do not believe any of the above. I rescue from these shelters, my dog was almost dead when I got him from Kennel Cough, Secondary infection, an unknown strain of doggie flu & it took him almost 4 months to recover, but we KNOW these are the consequences of rescuing from shelters, the shelters are the pet garbage cans of society doing the best they can do to clean up the mess that IRRESPONSIBLE people leave behind. Ms Deskins on the other hand did private rescue & had not been exposed to the shelter environment & for those who don’t know or understand it is a HORRIFIC revelation.


What concerns me here is the fact that the attorney is only concerned about appearances, yet slandering, & libeling Ms Deskins was okay when it garnered sympathy & donations. I would have to say that Ms Macke was only parroting all the lies that Mr Rasmussen was spewing about the situation, but once she got on site & seen for herself the conditions the dogs were in, she should’ve retracted her statements, even Rasmussen was smart enough to say the dogs were in good physical condition. As for the dogs not being socialized, well they had already been through one raid & imprisonment, & folks for those of you who have never lived in a rural community, dogs don’t have to go to the dog park, they are not expected to socialize with everyone, they are there to guard property & livestock. Farm dogs are working dogs in whatever capacity & niche they find on that specific farm, Ms Deskins lives in an area with a high concentration of predators & had livestock as well, the dogs were as they were intended to be. Look at all the predators, the killings, the drug grow operations, the bombers & the violence up in that area! Ms Deskins would’ve have been absolutely idiotic to have socialized her dogs in any capacity, not to mention those idiots up there shoot wolves, dogs, whatever they want at will & if Tim Rasmussen is your buddy YOU CAN DO THAT & get away with it. Obviously Ms Deskins is NOT one of his favorite people as evidenced by his repeated threats to come up with new charges to further harass & intimidate her.


All of this being said, I will welcome comments but keep it civil, bashing & lies will not be posted, I will be in my own little corner trying to reconcile this in my own mind. What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. Reading both of the letters has broken my heart & it took many hours of contemplation before I could sit down & post or write this article. SCRAPS is still a good agency, & I truly hope that Spokanimal & the Spokane Humane Society come around & give Ms Deskins the information she requested & issue her an apology for the horrendous statements they made about her that they knew not to be true (eventually). Ms Deskins has made some very valid points in her letter & up to this point I did not understand the horrible things she had gone through, I knew some of it but in dealing wit my own garbage she has spared me a lot of the details. Reality bites!

Please note the attorney is quoting the law but not actually citing the law, on which it is based, oldest trick in the book but what about the things they said about Ms Deskins? What about the things Ms Deskins suffered through? I read the craigslist posting, I have been to this shelter, I have seen the conditions, I also know what is & isn’t feasible as far as keeping the shelter in order. Wouldn’t you be PISSED if your dogs went from a farm sanctuary to a cage full of their own feces & waste? How is that any better?


Cease and desist letter to Deskin re Spokanimal (S0368581)

Letter to Kamel 9-16-11

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Stalled out in Stevens County

I am at a stall with my investigations into Stevens County until I get the records I requested. Here’s a smile for the day. The lady who’s case I am investigating & the prosecutor seems to have run out of his own words & is using mine now.

In order to get records from Stevens County you have to go through the prosecutor’s office, if they somehow decide to grant your request they forward it on which seems pretty shady to me, but that’s how they do it.

They asked what I needed the records for & I said to establish a pattern of harassment. The “Information Officer” told me alot of the details of the case & invited me to come to Stevens County so I could look at all of the evidence. I called the lady back & asked her if A B C D E & F are true & what her side of the story was on it.

Two things happened that day. She evidently wrote a letter to the prosecutor/information officer, & Mr Rasmussen called her attorney ONCE AGAIN threatening to press new charges on her. Some time later the Info Officer forwarded me her letter, which quite frankly I didn’t understand but then I laid into him about harassing her, about having a bunch of innocent rescuers going over there trying to save dogs lives because the a-holes told us all if we didn’t get the dogs off of her property they were going to mass execute all of them. They keep telling the rescuers that they are not at fault for going onto private property & taking someone’s dogs, livestock & property & I told them they needed to quit lying to people & cited the laws that were broken & told them I finally had proof of Mr R’s wrong doing as far as his charity was involved & I’ll be damned to hell if with 90 minutes of my email Mr Rasmussen didn’t send a Sheriff Gowin down to her property to ENTER ILLEGALLY without a search warrant to come on her property & start taking pictures of her tenants, & contractors, dogs & horse. I got a call from the contractor who was afraid for his own life but Ms D. was on the ground & the Sheriff just let her lay there so the poor guy ran down the driveway about 400 feet to help her up. He was terrified for his own dogs as well & hid them.

So I finally got a hold of Ms D. last night through Yazmine & found out that now Mr Rasmussen is once again threatening/bargaining with Ms D. attorney. The State Court of Appeals has agreed to hear her case but threw out the states motion & chastised them on top of it. So Mr R asked Ms D’s attorney to ask her to drop her appeal & he would drop the probation violation… The problem with that is HE HAS NO JURISDICTION to do so, the agreement with the appellate court basically puts a “stay” on all proceedings, so he can’t do anything about it either way but it should be noted that he believes he has more power than the Washington State Supreme Courts do. Obviously that didn’t work so then he reverts back to threats & here is where he runs out of words.

Ms D. sent out 2 emails to various people who are currently withholding information on the whereabouts of her dogs BECAUSE Mr Rasmussen is telling them they are in the right ONLY to cover his butt because he knows when the boom falls it’s going to land on him & he doesn’t care if he takes the rest of us with him. SO now he is threatening to file charges against Ms D. for harassment for requesting information saying that “He was going to show a pattern of harassment” pretty much used MY words for the rest of it too. Even though I pointed out that him filing additional charges & harassing her further would ONLY bolster her case & show it for what it was. Malicious harassment. Plain & simple.

This is what happens when folks start to think they are above the law. So if Ms D. shows up dead or completely disappears we know who to look at, following are the 2 letters I sent to them.


I see the letter I don’t understand the letter. I don’t think she is speaking to me but since I stuck my own feet in it & everyone here has their butts in a sling over the legalities of these dogs, who are now in loving homes, except for the 5 that were lost or killed. Everyone’s attorneys are referring them back to the case in Spokane where they adopted out a dog from another jurisdiction, so everyone here is liable for civil & possibly criminal action depending on how far she is willing to take it & she doesn’t really have anything to lose either way. Everyone is lawyered up & waiting for the boom to fall. Other rescues have contacted me saying that someone in your office is telling them she can’t do anything, that they have nothing to worry about & that is a bald faced lie. Then Mr Rasmussen is threatening to press more charges on her, for what I don’t know but all that is doing is adding FUEL to her fire, she has already lost almost everything. I really have tried to come up with ways where this could work out for everyone, she wants her dogs & property back, she is legally entitled to that, & because of the shoddy job that your lawyers did for the appeal court they won’t even hear your side of the case & are moving forward with her’s. Please get a tape of it & look over it, someone should’ve at the very least thrown in a case or two & in the Justices’ response they even said it not their job to make a case for the state. So on these very important last 2 issues it looks from all perspective she will win & then not only will your county be screwed, but lots of good rescuers who were doing nothing more than your office’s bidding because you had an insane sheriff telling everyone he was going to kill the dogs if we didn’t move our butts into gear & get them out, when in reality she was not on the property, some of the animals weren’t even hers but Glover had to be a jerk & I do mean to tell you he is a jerk & he said he was acting under Mr Rasmussen’s orders to several of us. Every lawyer up here is itching for a shot at you guys.

I really appreciate the time & effort that you spent on me, & I have nothing against anyone up there except for Mr Rasmussen for getting all of us involved in his big headed issues & that Officer Glover. I want to write him a letter myself, before he tries to utterly destroy someone he should make sure they are destroyed, this one has some fight in her & a caveat for if she dies!!! Remember she used to be the sweetheart of some mighty big firms over here, which puts a lot of folks over here in a bind because a lot of the good lawyers are conflicted out. It’s just like with my own issue, over here, I tried to explain to everyone, you don’t take EVERYTHING from someone & leave them standing, because then they have nothing to lose, all they have is time to focus on the issue. I also hope that Mr Rasmussen understands any new charges at this point will look exactly like what it is, pure & simple retaliation. I have read most of the statements that I have access to & the only people who were against her were people she had had issues with before, legal issues, so that doesn’t look good, my understanding is the video authenticator said the tapes were so spliced & diced that they wouldn’t be any more admissable than tapes of bigfoot at the mall.

I am going to try to go down to her place over here & see if I can talk to her again, to atleast see if we can get her to leave some of the rescuers out of this, but I took her to see 2 of her dogs here, they were so shell shocked that even I cried for them. I go every week up into the mountain looking for her other dog(s) that were lost, & most times it ends with me sitting down bawling my head off because I have never failed a dog that miserably, we think 1 of them is dead, but the boy has a gimpy foot & I find his tracks quite often. These are not my dogs, so I can only imagine how she must feel, if she didn’t fight for them then I would question her motives. I am on a sinking ship either way, & Stevens County’s ship is taking on water too. No one is going to “win” in this case.

I still don’t understand the purpose of the ferocity of the prosecution of Ms D., it was ALL OUT WAR, it bordered on illegal from the beginning. She writes an article, 2 weeks later her property is raided, she pisses off a horse thief, Mr Rasmussen sends neighbors over to harass the dogs & her. Next thing you know she is sitting in jail, he illegally orders all of her property disposed of, she is denied medial access & outside access from the jail, til her piece of garbage lawyer comes to see her to tell her all of the animals were gone & that he wasn’t doing anything more on her case, who by the way is one of the lawyers who donated to Mr Rasmussen’s partner charity that turned around & donated the money back to him. Do you see where this is NOT looking good for any of us? The idiots who posted on the news stories, in the comment sections pretty much gave her all the ammo she needs. Because of the bad advice Mr Rasmussen is giving them they thought they were in the right but these past few weeks they have found out they are not. I would not be surprised if you end up with about 20 more records requests by the time this goes to appeal. I am trying to clear my schedule so I can come over there personally to see the court stuff as well. Thank you for forwarding my request to the Sheriff’s office, though.

Again all I want to know is why it was so important for Mr Rasmussen to totally annihilate Ms D..



Really?????????? I just went down to see Pam she is not here, she is over there, cause she had to keep an eye on her contractor & Mr Rasmussen sent a sheriff out to her property to take pictures & harass her. Are you guys serious? Her tenant called me in a panic saying she WAS ON THE GROUND & THE PIECE OF CRAP SHERIFF JUST LEFT HER THERE! What is wrong with you people???? I am calling the newspapers & TV stations in the whole state & giving them all the paperwork I have from the charities & all of the other info I have about Mr Rasmussen. I really hope he is proud of himself, the contractor has also sent me VIDEO from his cell phone!!! This is why I don’t believe one line of spiddle that comes out of Mr Rasmussen’s mouth. If anything happens to her I am going to make sure all of you are held accountable in every way. I am also contacting her tort lawyer & forwarding everything to him so even if she has a damn heart attack none of you will have gotten away with this. What kind of agency leaves a senior woman on the ground to die, yes she could’ve died. If anything happens to her in the meantime YOU WILL ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE, & remember getting rid of her does nothing she has an attorney that is going to proceed in the case of her death. How dumb can you all be? I want the public disclosure records, all of them. That is all.
Rev. Brandia Taamu

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Back to Stevens County Prosecutor’s "Charity"



UBI Number 602789670
Category REG
Profit/Nonprofit Nonprofit
Active/Inactive Active
State Of Incorporation WA
WA Filing Date 12/20/2007
Expiration Date 12/31/2011
Inactive Date
Registered Agent Information
Address 1312 N MONROE ST
State WA
ZIP 99201
Special Address Information
Governing Persons
Secretary WENDT, NORMA
Treasurer WENDT, NORMA


Tim Rasmussen: “I am a board member of Water for Life International”… “I have never solicited or accepted any donations from any Washington criminal defense attorney for Water For Life International.” …. “I have accepted donations from Washington criminal defense attorneys who are friends to assist an orphanage in Guatemala. “… To do that I asked people I knew to donate to International Children’s Care for the Guatemalan facility.” All donors received a receipt for their in-kind donation directly from International Children’s Care” …”We pooled our resources and bought things for the campus and children. . . . “We sent the things in containers of equipment being sent to the orphanage by the drilling project.” . .. “ I did not benefit in any way, directly or indirectly from any contribution . .”.. “The Guatemalan Orphanage …is owned and operated by International Children’s Care which is based in Vancouver, Washington.”… “I am not connected to them in any way … except I have made donations and solicit donations from friends to assist the orphanage in Guatemala.”.

Contact Us Contact Information
Send email to:
Water For Life International P.O. Box 2330 Deer Park WA 99006 Phone 509-842-3952

“Container Travails – By Tim Rasmussen”
The container left Spokane for Guatemala on Dec 18. In it was the diesel air cooled engine, more steel well casing, stems of tools, welders, parts, 10 new hand pumps, the special deep well pump for JabonChe, and of course, some things for the orphanage.
We had been told the container shipment would take about 21 days, so Gary Bartholomew was expecting the container would arrive in the second week of January. That week and the next came and went, and still there was no word about the container. Inquires to our shipping agent revealed that the container had been offloaded in Mexico and not put back on the ship. The explanation was vague about why it came off the ship and even more vague about when it would be put back on a ship We were assured however, it would be on the next ship to Guatemala, whenever that would be be!
On January 21, Annette and I left Guatemala. It was a long 23 hour shuttle on and off planes from Flores to Cancun to Houston to San Francisco to Spokane. About a week after we got home, Gary was told the container had come into the country and was in the customs process. At least it had made it into the country.
The container was in the customs process for one week and no word. Then the shipping agent told us that for some reason, the container had been selected for special inventory inspection. The reason behind this selection was unknown, but maybe because it had made an unscheduled stop in Mexico. They insisted on checking on 75% of the contents. There was nothing to do but wait.
Finally on about Feb 15, Gary was told the container would be released immediately upon payment of about $7,000 US. There were the usual charges for storage during the inspection, the inspection itself, and a fee for this and a fee for that. Then he was told that if he waited for 2 more days there would be different supervisor and the fee would be about $500 US less! Gary thought for a moment but realized the extra charges and the waiting truck and the fees would make it about a wash. Gary paid the duty and got the shipment out of that den of thieves as quickly as he could. (I guess the word “thieves” is not politically correct, but that is the word that comes to mind.) The container was 58 days in transit, but he was happy we finally had it, until he opened the door.

What a bunch of Crap! What Timothy Rasmussen Doesn’t Say:
International Children’s Care is an organization which works through various partnership organizations. “VERSACARE” is one of its partner organizations. The VERSACARE Board oversees the assets from its Care Center operations and carries out its grant activities through THE VERSAFUND which annually distributes Grants to various supporting ministries and other qualified organizations, primarily within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. WATER FOR LIFE (Tim Rasmussen is the Chairman of the Board) is a Seventh-day Adventist organization which is operating this year on a 2011 grant of $13,000 from THE VERSAFUND
(See Grant recipients below). VERSACARE is one of the primary partner organizations of INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S CARE (the organization which Tim Rasmussen claims he is not connected with in any way, and that he receives no benefit from directly or indirectly from any donation.)

About International Children’s Care (See,
International Children’s Care – Partnership Organizations. (See,

VERSACARE 2011 Grant List

2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 |

Adventist Health Int’l. Curacao $50,000

Ayeyarwady Adventist Burma $25,000

Rocky Mountain Adventist USA $30,000

La Sierra University Archaeology USA $4,000

Rio Lindo Academy USA $15,000

Holbrook Indian School USA $35,000

Beltsville SDA Church USA $5,000

Brainerd SDA Church USA $15,000

La Sierra University SIFE USA $10,000

ICC El Salvador Nicaragua $100,000

Big Lake Youth Camp USA $12,000

Natives With A Mission USA $20,000

Leoni Meadows USA $20,000

Christian Record Services for the Blind USA $20,000

NAD Office of Education USA $52,500

Hope for Survivors USA $8,500

Women’s Healing & Empowerment USA $25,000

One Mustard Seed USA $6,850

Adventist Forum USA $50,000

Tappahannock SDA Church & Comm. Services USA $10,000

Brainerd SDA Church USA $15,000

Penn Valley SDA Church USA $15,000

Excel / Loma Linda Univ. Church USA $15,000

Parkview Adventist Church USA $20,000

Universidad de Montemorelos A.C. Mexico $35,000

Southwestern Adventist University / KGSW TV USA $25,000

La Sierra University Center for Conflict Resolution USA

La Sierra University Womens Resource Center USA $20,000

La Sierra University School of Religion – HMS Richards Library USA $10,000

Hear and Home Africa $15,000

Adventist Southeast Asia Projects Asia $20,000

ETV Endowment of South Carolina, Inc. USA $50,000

LLU Medical Center – Dept. of Urology USA $20,000

Adventist Wholehealth Network – Parish Nurse Prep Course
USA $23,870

South Eastern California Conference USA $5,000

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

Copyright © 2011 Versacare Inc – All Rights Reserved
4097 Trail Creek Road Suite B, Riverside – CA 92505
Telephone : (951) 343-5800 / Fax : (951) 343-5855

RCW 19.09.020 Definitions.

When used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:
(1) A “bona fide officer or employee” of a charitable organization is one (a) whose conduct is subject to direct control by such organization; (b) who does not act in the manner of an independent contractor in his or her relation with the organization; and (c) whose compensation is not computed on funds raised or to be raised.

(2) “Charitable organization” means any entity that solicits or collects contributions from the general public where the contribution is or is purported to be used to support a charitable purpose, but does not include any commercial fund-raiser, commercial fund-raising entity, commercial coventurer, or any fund-raising counsel, as defined in this section. Churches and their integrated auxiliaries are not charitable organizations, but are subject to RCW 19.09.100 (12), (15), and (18).

(3) “Charitable purpose” means any religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purpose or any other purpose that is beneficial to the community, including environmental, humanitarian, patriotic, or civic purposes, the support of national or international amateur sports competition, the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, the advancement of social welfare, or the benefit of law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and other persons who protect public safety. The term “charitable” is used in its generally accepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

(4) “Commercial coventurer” means any individual or corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or any other legal entity, that:

(a) Is regularly and primarily engaged in making sales of goods or services for profit directly to the general public;

(b) Is not otherwise regularly or primarily engaged in making charitable solicitations in this state or otherwise raising funds in this state for one or more charitable organizations;

(c) Represents to prospective purchasers that, if they purchase a good or service from the commercial coventurer, a portion of the sales price or a sum of money or some other specified thing of value will be donated to a named charitable organization; and

(d) Does not ask purchasers to make checks or other instruments payable to a named charitable organization or any entity other than the commercial coventurer itself under its regular commercial name.

(5) “Commercial fund-raiser” or “commercial fund-raising entity” means any entity that for compensation or other consideration within this state directly or indirectly solicits or receives contributions for or on behalf of any charitable organization or charitable purpose, or that is engaged in the business of or is held out to persons in this state as independently engaged in the business of soliciting or receiving contributions for such purposes. However, a commercial coventurer, fund-raising counsel, or consultant is not a commercial fund-raiser or commercial fund-raising entity.

(6) “Compensation” means salaries, wages, fees, commissions, or any other remuneration or valuable consideration.

(7) “Contribution” means the payment, donation, promise, or grant, for consideration or otherwise, of any money or property of any kind or value which contribution is wholly or partly induced by a solicitation. Reference to dollar amounts of “contributions” or “solicitations” in this chapter means in the case of payments or promises to pay for merchandise or rights of any description, the value of the total amount paid or promised to be paid for such merchandise or rights.

(8) “Cost of solicitation” means and includes all direct and indirect costs, expenditures, debts, obligations, salaries, wages, commissions, fees, or other money or thing of value paid or incurred in making a solicitation.

(9) “Entity” means an individual, organization, group, association, partnership, corporation, agency or unit of state government, or any combination thereof.

(10) “Fund-raising counsel” or “consultant” means any entity or individual who is retained by a charitable organization, for a fixed fee or rate, that is not computed on a percentage of funds raised, or to be raised, under a written agreement only to plan, advise, consult, or prepare materials for a solicitation of contributions in this state, but who does not manage, conduct, or carry on a fund-raising campaign and who does not solicit contributions or employ, procure, or engage any compensated person to solicit contributions, and who does not at any time have custody or control of contributions. A volunteer, employee, or salaried officer of a charitable organization maintaining a permanent establishment or office in this state is not a fund-raising counsel. An attorney, investment counselor, or banker who advises an individual, corporation, or association to make a charitable contribution is not a fund-raising counsel as a result of the advice.

(11) “General public” or “public” means any individual located in Washington state without a membership or other official relationship with a charitable organization before a solicitation by the charitable organization.
(12) “Membership” means that for the payment of fees, dues, assessments, etc., an organization provides services and confers a bona fide right, privilege, professional standing, honor, or other direct benefit, in addition to the right to vote, elect officers, or hold office. The term “membership” does not include those persons who are granted a membership upon making a contribution as the result of solicitation.

(13) “Other employee” of a charitable organization means any person (a) whose conduct is subject to direct control by such organization; (b) who does not act in the manner of any independent contractor in his or her relation with the organization; and (c) who is not engaged in the business of or held out to persons in this state as independently engaged in the business of soliciting contributions for charitable purposes or religious activities.

(18)(a) “Solicitation” means any oral or written request for a contribution, including the solicitor’s offer or attempt to sell any property, rights, services, or other thing in connection with which:

(i) Any appeal is made for any charitable purpose;

(ii) The name of any charitable organization is used as an inducement for consummating the sale; or

(iii) Any statement is made that implies that the whole or any part of the proceeds from the sale will be applied toward any charitable purpose or donated to any charitable organization.

(b) The solicitation shall be deemed completed when made, whether or not the person making it receives any contribution or makes any sale.

(c) “Solicitation” does not include bingo activities, raffles, and amusement games conducted under chapter 9.46 RCW and applicable rules of the Washington state gambling commission.

RCW 19.09.100 Conditions applicable to solicitations.

*** CHANGE IN 2011 *** (SEE 1485-S.SL) ***
The following conditions apply to solicitations as defined by RCW 19.09.020:

(1) A charitable organization, whether or not required to register pursuant to this chapter, that directly solicits contributions from the public in this state shall make the following clear and conspicuous disclosures at the point of solicitation:

(a) The name of the individual making the solicitation;

(b) The identity of the charitable organization and the city of the principal place of business of the charitable organization;

(c) If requested by the solicitee, the published number in the office of the secretary for the donor to obtain additional financial disclosure information on file with the secretary.

(2) A commercial fund-raiser shall clearly and conspicuously disclose at the point of solicitation:

(a) The name of the individual making the solicitation;

(b) The name of the entity for which the fund-raiser is an agent or employee and the name and city of the charitable organization for which the solicitation is being conducted; and

(c) If requested by the solicitee, the published number in the office of the secretary for the donor to obtain additional financial disclosure information on file with the secretary. The disclosure must be made during an oral solicitation of a contribution, and at the same time at which a written request for a contribution is made.

(3) A person or organization soliciting charitable contributions by telephone shall make the disclosures required under subsection (1) or (2) of this section in the course of the solicitation but prior to asking for a commitment for a contribution from the solicitee, and in writing to any solicitee that makes a pledge within five working days of making the pledge. If the person or organization sends any materials to the person or organization solicited before the receipt of any contribution, those materials shall include the disclosures required in subsection (1) or (2) of this section, whichever is applicable.

(4) In the case of a solicitation by advertisement or mass distribution, including posters, leaflets, automatic dialing machines, publication, and audio or video broadcasts, it shall be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in the body of the solicitation material that:

(a) The solicitation is conducted by a named commercial fund-raiser, if it is;

(b) The notice of solicitation required by the charitable solicitation act is on file with the secretary’s office; and

(c) The potential donor can obtain additional financial disclosure information at a published number in the office of the secretary.

(5) A container or vending machine displaying a solicitation must also display in a clear and conspicuous manner the name of the charitable organization for which funds are solicited, the name, business address, and telephone number of the individual and any commercial fund-raiser responsible for collecting funds placed in the containers or vending machines, and the following statement: “This charity is currently registered with the secretary’s office under the charitable solicitation act, registration number . . . .”

(6) A commercial fund-raiser shall not represent that tickets to any fund-raising event will be donated for use by another person unless all the following requirements are met:

(a) The commercial fund-raiser prior to conducting a solicitation has written commitments from persons stating that they will accept donated tickets and specifying the number of tickets they will accept;

(b) The written commitments are kept on file by the commercial fund-raiser for three years and are made available to the secretary, attorney general, or county prosecutor on demand;

(c) The contributions solicited for donated tickets may not be more than the amount representing the number of ticket commitments received from persons and kept on file under (a) of this subsection; and

(d) Not later than seven calendar days prior to the date of the event for which ticket donations are solicited, the commercial fund-raiser shall give all donated tickets to the persons who made the written commitments to accept them.

(7) Each person or organization soliciting charitable contributions shall not represent orally or in writing that:

(a) The charitable contribution is tax deductible unless the charitable organization for which charitable contributions are being solicited or to which tickets for fund-raising events or other services or goods will be donated, has applied for and received from the internal revenue service a letter of determination granting tax deductible status to the charitable organization;

(b) The person soliciting the charitable contribution is a volunteer or words of similar meaning or effect that create the impression that the person soliciting is not a paid solicitor unless such person is unpaid for his or her services;

(c) The person soliciting the charitable contribution is a member, staffer, helper, or employee of the charitable organization or words of similar meaning or effect that create the impression that the person soliciting is not a paid solicitor if the person soliciting is employed, contracted, or paid by a commercial fund-raiser.

(8) If the charitable organization is associated with, or has a name that is similar to, any unit of government each person or organization soliciting contributions shall disclose to each person solicited whether the charitable organization is or is not part of any unit of government and the true nature of its relationship to the unit of government. This subsection does not apply to a foundation or other charitable organization that is organized, operated, or controlled by or in connection with a registered public charity, including any governmental agency or unit, from which it derives its name.

(9) No person may, in conducting any solicitation, use the name “police,” “sheriff,” “firefighter,” “firefighters,” or a similar name unless properly authorized by a bona fide police, sheriff, or firefighter organization or police, sheriff, or fire department. A proper authorization shall be in writing and signed by two authorized officials of the organization or department and shall be filed with the secretary.

(10) A person may not, in conducting any solicitation, use the name of a federally chartered or nationally recognized military veterans’ service organization as determined by the United States veterans’ administration unless authorized in writing by the highest ranking official of that organization in this state.

(11) A charitable organization shall comply with all local governmental regulations that apply to soliciting for or on behalf of charitable organizations.

(12) An entity soliciting contributions for a charitable purpose shall not include in any solicitation, or in any advertising material for a solicitation, or in any promotional plan for a solicitation, any statement that is false, misleading, or deceptive. All solicitations, advertising material, and promotional plans must fully and fairly disclose the identity of the entity on whose behalf the solicitation is made.

(13) Solicitations shall not be conducted by a charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser that has, or if a corporation, its officers, directors, or principals have, been convicted of a crime involving solicitations for or on behalf of a charitable organization in this state, the United States, or any other state or foreign country within the past ten years or has been subject to any permanent injunction or administrative order or judgment under RCW 19.86.080 or 19.86.090, involving a violation or violations of RCW 19.86.020, within the past ten years, or of restraining a false or misleading promotional plan involving solicitations for charitable organizations.

(14) No charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser subject to this chapter may use or exploit the fact of registration under this chapter so as to lead the public to believe that registration constitutes an endorsement or approval by the state, but the use of the following is not deemed prohibited: “Currently registered with the Washington state secretary of state as required by law. Registration number . . . .”

(15) No entity may engage in any solicitation for contributions for or on behalf of any charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser unless the charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser is currently registered with the secretary.

(16) No charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser may engage in any solicitation for contributions unless it complies with all provisions of this chapter.

(17) No entity may place a telephone call to a donor or potential donor for the purpose of charitable solicitation before eight o’clock a.m. or after nine o’clock p.m. pacific time.

(18) No entity may, when contacting a donor or potential donor for the purpose of charitable solicitation, engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, intimidate, or torment any person in connection with the contact.

(19) Failure to comply with subsections (1) through (18) of this section is a violation of this chapter

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I would like to welcome a new guest writer, who is from the area,& has a better vantage of the comings & goings on in the Stevens County area. Hopefuly Jaz will help us fill in many more blanks!

An Expose by Yasmin Madjidi

Don’t re-elect them – it’s far too costly!

Government prosecutors, first and foremost, are lawyers who are, or should be, subject to the rules of professional conduct that apply to every lawyer in Washington State, with one caveat – the bar for assuring fairness and total truthfulness in proceedings is HIGHER, not LOWER for prosecutors.

Recent investigations across the U.S. have documented that misconduct by prosecutors is on the rise. Those excesses are often in flagrant violation of the very laws prosecutors are sworn to uphold. From Boston to L.A. to Seattle to Colville and all points in the middle, intense scrutiny reveals that our war on crime has become a war on the rights of U.S. citizens and our Bill of Rights.

The dark side of the war on crime is dawning – prosecutors who cheat, cut corners, who intentionally offer false testimony and fabricated evidence, conceal evidence of innocence from defense and the court, trample defendants’ rights, and the Constitution. The reason for this is not that winning is everything; it’s the ONLY thing to them! The winning at any cost attitude is not just a local problem in Stevens County, Washington. It’s occurring everywhere in courtrooms across the U.S.

But sadly it’s occurring in Stevens County, Washington as well. Under the current regime, war on crime is a war on the Bill of Rights. Prosecutors in Stevens County are known to sacrifice justice to win cases. Cases are being reversed at the appellate levels. This is expensive. Abuses by prosecutors at the local trial may include prosecutorial misconduct such as withholding of exculpatory evidence (evidence of innocence), tampering with evidence, suborning perjury, improper arguments, knowing use of false evidence, using snitches or witnesses who are known liars, ex parte contacts, leaking news to the media about pending cases to sway jury pools, altering the record, and so on. Unfortunately, many of these misdeeds go uncorrected at the trial level due to overworked Stevens County public defenders who do not have the resources nor the time to investigate properly.

Unfortunately for Stevens County victims of prosecutorial misdeeds, not enough bad prosecutors are brought to justice for breaking the laws in pursuit of “justice”. Most of us are aware of the power to cause injury by those in authority who abuse their positions. All we need do is look to Wenatchee, Washington to the child sex abuse witch hunt, and the wrongful arrests and prosecutions by a crusading officer. Some 60 kids were ripped from their families and 17 were adopted out.

Changes in federal sentencing laws in 1984-1986 gave prosecutors, not judges or juries, the exclusive power to choose who does time and who does not. Now it’s a prosecutor who determines a defendant’s sentence through charging decisions, or later on in a motion for sentence review. Consequently, a Stevens County, Washington prosecutor a few years out of law school, rather than a judge with years of experience, may be the one with a life in his hands, or deciding who goes to jail and for how long. This kind of “heady” power over people’s lives leads to what I call a “god complex” and myopia, wherein a prosecutor is out of control having lost all perspective.

A “win at all costs” mentality resulted in the reversal in United States v. Berger (295 U.S. 78 (1935)). This same mentality is found all over state and federal courts. Prosecutors and cops lie, hide evidence, distort facts, engage in cover-up, pay for perjured testimony, and set up innocent people. It is a never ending effort to “win” indictments, guilty pleas or convictions. Stevens County is no stranger to the victims of this conduct. Sometimes the victims lose their jobs, assets, and even families. Some remain in jail or prison because prosecutors withheld favorable evidence, or encouraged fabricated testimony even perhaps from persons with a history of previously lying on the record. But that may never be disclosed to defense. Some criminals are hailed as heros or do-gooders, and walk away as a reward for conspiring with cops or prosecutors in their efforts to “win”, while denying others their lawful rights. Stevens County is a small tight knit community. Citizens know about these victims of the system.

Cops and prosecutors in Stevens County may pursue justice by breaking the laws in the relentless battle to “win”. Strong words? Perhaps. The philosophy of the current regime in Stevens County seems to be that whatever works is what is right – no matter the cost to the good citizens in Stevens County, Washington.

What if there aren’t any big crimes going on in the County – the kind of crimes that make for news headlines, promotions, fodder for blogs, and re-elections?

Prosecutors and police in Stevens County have a ready-made solution to that problem — go out and make a big crime and generate the headlines. “Build it and they will come” – the wins, that is.

An attitude of authorities in Stevens County that is far more prevalent than the average person is aware of is contacting witnesses and potential cooperating defendants – without their lawyers present. Stevens County authorities consider this a valid tactic even though justice guidelines discourage it, and it’s considered a violation of the professional code of ethics in every state. To compound this, there is no room in the Stevens County jail house that is safely sound proof so that a defendant may speak freely with his attorney without eavesdropping by jail staff – who then report to the prosecutor, sheriff, or other supervisor.

Pro se defendants in Stevens County, Washington are also obstructed by jail staff from using the Stevens County law library to represent themselves so that they can exercise their legal rights. Jailers schedule various daily and evening meetings in the very same conference room where the law library is located. Pro se defendants then cannot use the law library during most days and evenings. This is also unlawful but a custom and practice in the Stevens County, Washington jail.

Prosecutors in Stevens County have a weighty responsibility. Unfortunately under the current regime, some may take it lightly. They might feel that the person sitting in the defendant’s chair is guilty. But that person still deserves justice and a fair trial by not being convicted by prosecutorial misconduct. It is equally deplorable when a truly guilty person is unlawfully convicted because of the resulting effect on the victim, his family, and the system. Sometimes the State has a truly good case against the defendant, but it may end up later reversed, ruined by ego and overreaching misconduct.

In Stevens County, Washington, prosecutors get all the money they need including government grants to hire experts, investigators, etc. to secure a “win”. The overworked public defenders in the Stevens County contract system work for the defendants, who are the working poor or the indigent. Some of the Stevens County contract lawyers have never defended a felony case, while a few have never had much, if any, jury trial experience when they signed up. The court appointed lawyers in Stevens County may even have to use their own personal credit cards to pay for experts, investigators or trial exhibits, as they are given little or no money to defend the client by Stevens County judges. The prosecutor gets it all. The flat rate policy that is customary under the Stevens County public defender contract results in very minimal representation for poor defendants who only get moments of a public defender’s time – usually at the time of a hearing. Such a policy tends to encourage prosecutors and contract defenders to “broker” cases, and fosters an otherwise “incestuous” relationship between prosecutors and defenders. (In other words, don’t tell your public defender anything you don’t want the prosecutor to know).

Also unfortunate is that many players in the Stevens County, Washington system including cops, judges, defense lawyers, and other prosecutors are good people, and quite aware this stuff happens. However, most are willing to turn a blind eye – perhaps feeling that’s how it works, or that it’s okay to bend the truth sometimes when you are going for a “ greater good”. If a young prosecutor speaks up and challenges the regime, he may be sent packing.

Twisted sense of justice? Yes. Citizens certainly don’t need crusaders in Stevens County who believe that the means justifies the end for the “greater good”, and that “winning” is all that matters. It is expensive for each of the hard working citizens in Stevens County – in more ways than one.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not of the mindset that it is the civic duty of any innocent man to give up his rights and go to jail so the guilty man won’t go free.

I know it’s close to fire season, but the scorched smell is not from burning woods or fields in Stevens County this year, or a homemade bomb. I believe it’s our own Constitution.

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