Do not pass go, go to jail… but no worries there’s plenty of drugs there

Sorry I am behind but I am working on puppy mills, lawsuits, & a number of other things. Oh & just for funsies my stalker’s daughter is now hanging around my kids place (Like mother like daughter?)

So anyway, I have been to jail, once for being 8 minutes late for court & then for my kangaroo court when I didn’t even have to go (but that’s another lawsuit) both times I seen more drugs there then I generally see in a 10 year period. One woman had a big hunk of heroin that was the size of super ball, the big ones, but I do have to say this for her, she was generous, she kept offering it to everyone, even a few guards. We kept trying to tell the guards but they assumed she was joking. I guess the constant nodding out wasn’t a clue or anything.

On the flip side, the guards were busy with other things. Believe it or not some of the stories that I have written have been at the direction & request of the guards themselves. They are just as caught up in this crap-hole as the inmates seem to be. Granted they get to leave at the end of their shifts but that doesn’t mean they are happy or that they have it all that great…. for the crappy pay, the long hours, the medical clown staff, & horrible abusive management that goes on, they don’t really have much of an incentive to give a crap about inmates.

That is no excuse but it is part of the reason, the Medical Staff is the main problem, I can say this first hand because even the guards knew I was in trouble, & they honestly did try to help me but the medical staff were so incompetent that nothing could save anyone who is truly in trouble up there.

So the latest death at the Snohomish County Jail has been ruled a meth overdose, no surprise there.

EVERETT — An inmate found dead at the Snohomish County Jail in February overdosed on methamphetamine, officials said Friday. Leon Benjamin Moore, 41, of Snohomish, was booked into the jail Feb. 26. He had been arrested by Everett police on a warrant for driving under the influence. Moore was found dead in the jail about 10:30 a.m. Feb. 28.


The`surprise is he dies two days after being booked, so we know he got or had the drugs in jail.

It seems that the jail has been plagued with problems for well over 15 years yet the Department of Justice seems to be impotent in doing anything & Snohomish County leaders are unable to even run their own lives correctly let alone any of the county’s facilities. I found the info below from someone who evidently stopped working on it in 2004, & there were plenty of Herald stories at the time, so what happened? Why aren’t they going after them now like they did then?

The Corruption of Snohomish County Washington Law Enforcement
On Morning of January 31, 1999 I was arrested at a motel 6 in Snohomish county Washington, roughed up by two officers and taken to Snohomish Count Corrections for alledgely driving without my headlights on ticket.
4/16/2003 – HeraldNet: County jail director out
Snohomish County’s embattled corrections department director, Andrea Bynum, is no longer employed with the county, although officials will not say whether she left voluntarily or was fired.
4/15/2003 – HeraldNet: Bynum out as county jails chief
Snohomish County’s embattled Department of Corrections director Andrea Bynum is no longer employed, although officials refused to say whether she left voluntarily or was fired.
4/4/2003 – HeraldNet – Former inmates sue county
Two former inmates at the Snohomish County Jail are suing the county because the women were forced three years ago to strip naked in an outdoor recreation area, in view of a male corrections officer.
3/30/2003 – HeraldNet – Jail chief advises staff counseling
The top manager at the Snohomish County Jail is suggesting that her staff seek counseling for what she characterizes as a “barrage of misinformation and allegations from the media and other sources” in recent weeks.
3/27/2003 – HeraldNet – Supervisor linked to jail inquiry
A high-ranking supervisor at the Snohomish County Jail played a role last summer in the earliest stages of an investigation into a relative’s alleged sexual misconduct with inmates, according to jail documents obtained by The Herald.
3/26/2003 – HeraldNetCounty jail chief denies coverup
The top manager at the Snohomish County Jail has written a letter to her boss insisting there was nothing improper about her department’s handling of repeated investigations last year into a former jail cook’s alleged sexual misconduct with inmates.
3/21/2003 – HeraldNet – Jail inmate’s death attributed to natural causes
A woman who was found dead in the Snohomish County Jail died a natural death, according to information released Thursday by the county medical examiner. Diane Katherine Stults, 45, died Feb. 11.
3/19/2003 – HeraldNet – Bail money not the first thing to go missing at county jail
The $10,000 in bail money missing from a safe at the Snohomish County Jail is not the only property that can’t be accounted for at the maximum-security lockup in Everett.
9/16/2003 – HeraldNet: No charges filed against jail cook accused of misconduct
No charges will be filed against a former Snohomish County jail cook who was accused last year of fondling inmates and offering them sex in the kitchen.
6/3/2003 – HeraldNet: JAIL PROBLEMS
After reading the comments made by former Snohomish County Corrections Director Andrea Bynum, it seem obvious why she was ineffective in that position (“Ex-jail chief felt sabotaged,” May 27). She claims that “it has to be everybody’s problem.”
5/27/2003 – HeraldNet: Ex-jail chief felt sabotaged
(c) 2003, The Daily Herald Co. EVERETT — On one of her final days as Snohomish County’s corrections director, Andrea Bynum visited 4-South.
5/17/2003 – HeraldNet: Jail nurse pleads guilty to sex charge
A former male nurse at the Snohomish County Jail can expect to serve up to a year behind bars after pleading guilty Friday to trading drugs for sexual favors.
5/8/2003 – HeraldNet: Ex-jail chief says she’s scapegoat
Snohomish County’s former corrections chief says she was fired from her job last month in part because she is black, and the county needed a scapegoat for problems at the jail.
4/29/2003 – HeraldNet: Trouble for jail’s money records
The Snohomish County Jail has been relying on hand-written ledgers, loose files and paper clips to keep track of nearly $1 million in cash that belongs to inmates. From time to time, some of that money has gone missing.
4/23/2003 – HeraldNet: New jail chief hired
A week after Snohomish County’s corrections chief left her job in the midst of scandal, county officials Tuesday announced they have found somebody to fill the post.
4/22/2003 – HeraldNet: Jail director leaving King for Snohomish County
Snohomish County has a new jail chief. Steve Thompson, director of the King County Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, has been hired to lead Snohomish County’s Corrections Department, officials said today
4/21/2003 – HeraldNet: Fixing problems at jail a step-by
Listings of news articles regarding Andrea Brynum as Snohomish County Jail Chief
5/1/2002 City of Everett Police Chief and crimes against persons team finally respond by letter to incident claiming incident never happened. Police claim they now cant find officer Wray Dana nor do they have reasonable doubt.
4/4/2002 – HeraldNet – Inmate claims neglect at jail
A pregnant Snohomish County inmate couldn’t get the care she needed in the jail, leaving her seriously dehydrated and losing weight, a jail doctor says. Dr.
1/28/2001 Brian Corntassel sends email to Snohomish County to report beating with aid of doctors behind him.
10/14/2001 – HeraldNet – A tight squeeze
Rick Goldsmith spent up to 20 hours a day confined to his bed at the Snohomish County Jail. At times, he shared a toilet with 39 other men. But he was fortunate in one respect. Toward the end, he didn’t have to sleep on a mat on the floor.
7/2001 Brian Corntassel is finally up walking around but still limping and in pain.
1/29/2001 – HeraldNet - Jail grapples
Snohomish County officials have been grappling with a recent report that shows some jail workers complaining of discrimination in the only department with a black director.
2/2/2001 Brian Corntassel calls 911 from 7-11 store at 112th and I-99 to report incident. Police fail to arrive in 3 hours time of waiting.
1/31/2001 Snohomish County correction officer Wray Dana attacks Brian Corntassel.
1/21/2001 - HeraldNet - Report: Jail rife with dissension
Some Snohomish County Jail workers say the jail is plagued by low morale, overwork, locks that don’t always work and racial favoritism, according to a consultant’s report obtained by The Herald.
10/27/2000 – HeraldNet - Finch gave no hint of leaping
Charles Ben Finch paced back and forth on the second floor of a Snohomish County Jail unit just after 8 o’clock Wednesday night, muttering something to himself.
6/27/2000 – HeraldNet - Jail officer threatens suit over inmate
A corrections officer at the Snohomish County Jail is threatening a $20 million lawsuit after being charged last month with official misconduct for allegedly asking a female inmate to disrobe and take a shower in front of him.
5/24/2000 – HeraldNet - Wanted: more officers
Snohomish County Department of Corrections should hire more officers to reduce the nearly $4 million spent during the last four years in overtime costs, a report says.
5/9/2000 – HeraldNet - Jailer charged in dress incident
A corrections officer at the Snohomish County Jail was charged Monday with official misconduct for allegedly asking a female inmate to disrobe and take a shower in front of him last month.
3/4/1999 – HeraldNet – County jail officers get 3-year contract For 14 months, about 130 custody and corrections officers have worked at the Snohomish County Jail without a labor contract.
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Will Michael Saffioti finally get some justice?


Don’t hold your breath…

The ONLY chance this boy & his family have is the fact that they have Anne Bremner fighting for them. Unfortunately I don’t know if she realizes how deeply the corruption runs in this county.

The jail guards for Snohomish County Jail are Snohomish County Sheriff’s, the people who investigate the jail are the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office but they call it a “Task Force”.

So the investigation… I predict that the formal investigation will go no where. I do however believe they will win hands down in a civil trial. I don’t however believe that this is going to change anything & people are still going to die. The sad truth is that even if they go to a civil trial, & win, the county will stonewall them all the way to the Supreme Court. The reason: Well if they concede on this case then they leave themselves open for at least 5 more cases for people who have died among hundreds of other lawsuits. If this never would’ve went to the news it would’ve been an arbitration hearing, money paid, gag order set in place & no one the wiser

So why am I so negative about this? Well for one, I know the way this county operates, I am currently fighting for my life & the life of my animals because of their usual course of conduct. It has been a 23 month long battle & they have spent well over 874K to prosecute me for a 1K misdemeanor, & they will spend far more than that to win. They don’t care HOW they win, just that they do, they have violated well over 94 local, state & federal laws to railroad me, for a couple of animals because I complained about abuse, so can you even fathom what they will do to keep from being held accountable for a loss of life?

What is NOT being told is that this is NOT the first time there have been a rash of deaths at this jail, in 2003 they had the Dept of Justice “investigate” them, but obviously it didn’t do anything to stop it, help it or make anything better. They even told a reporter that they didn’t even know anything about a DOJ investigation!!! What the Hell?

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Snohomish “County” or “Idiot Convention”? The jail, the prison, & the trial…

Snohomish County Jail


The Snohomish County jail is in the news again, this time they are not beating prisoners, and/or letting them die: they are beating each other… Evidently Sgt. Jerry Dixon who thinks “he runs the place” can’t keep his mitts off the women workers. He literally pulled a chunk of a female guards hair out!

So if he will treat a fellow worker this way in an area with numerous cameras what does he do to the inmates? What does he do to people in his private life?

Oh but don’t worry they are doing an “Internal Investigation”, you know, like the one’s they have done in regards to all of the deaths in the jail… On an unrelated side note it was Herald reporter Eric Stevick who actually reported this story.

Three of the 6 victims of Snohomish County Jail

Monroe State Correctional Facility


Monroe prison has now managed to lose an inmate… This is the same place where corrections Officer Jamie Biendl was murdered by Byron Scherf, a 3 time convicted Spokane area rapist Ms Bindle’s body was not discovered until many hours after her death, which prompted the firing of 3 other guards & the demotions of two others, but the fact remains that her life is gone & her family must carry on without her for the rest of their lives.

One person has been charged with aiding & abetting in his escape but so far they haven’t managed to catch Brandon Musto, who only had a couple of months left to serve. Now he is facing 3 more years instead of 3 more months… It might be safe to assume he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, although he is qualified as a definite “tool”.

The alarming part is that his disappearance was not noticed til late in the evening which means he made a broad daylight escape, over a couple 10 foot walls & some serious razor wire.

The trial of Officer Carlisle


I have so many mixed feelings about this trial… Mostly I think it was nothing but “showboating” all of the motions were filed pre-election time, if his attorney had any sense he would’ve gotten a continuance when the elected officials would’ve been more amiable to making an unpopular decision.

I understand that most people want him to face the same consequences as any other person… He & his family are already serving a life sentence: Just think about the first day of school for the remaining siblings, about the empty space at their table, at the empty bed.

Call me crazy (and you wouldn’t be lying) but this seems like a huge waste of money, time & resources… but the call for blood has gone out & this is their version of delivering his head on a platter.

I just hope that people stop to think how they would feel if they were in this family’s place. No parent is perfect, & we have all let our kids do some stupid things, the difference is that our kids didn’t die, but his did. Cop or not, they are hard working parents who made a huge mistake. This whole thing is just sad all the way around

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Now everyone knows that everyone else knows… I don’t know what else to do :~(

In my frustration I sent an email to everyone I could think of… The ONLY response I got was from the Washington State Bar Association that said they don’t take grievances via email! If you have any questions as to why corruption is SO RAMPANT in our state then refer back to my blog. Any grunt employee or reporter could’ve simply got off their hind end, & even read my page, I HAVE ALREADY DONE THE WORK FOR THEM, & done a story or investigated these matters themselves, but they won’t. I mean how rude of me: Why in the world would I expect them to do their jobs, or go to bat for justice or honor, silly me…

Subject: Tim Rasmussen-Stevens County, Ginger Luke-Pet Rescue Scam, Snohomish County Jail Deaths, Thurston County Ponzi scheme, Taamu V the City of Everett
From: Life Matters (
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012 1:33 PM
Dear Members of the Media, Justice System & various state & private agencies,
My name is Brandia Taamu, I am the victim of NUMEROUS violations of my civil rights & a very malicious prosecution beyond all understanding & belief. Almost 875,000.00 spent to prosecute me for a 1000.00 misdemeanor. (Possibly more as that is only my rough estimate & we are STILL in litigation going on for 22 months & almost a hundred combined court appearances!)
Because of all that has happened to me I started to investigate other corrupt agencies & people & what I found was astounding. Some of you I have given the evidence to, only 2 of you have acknowledged it, the rest of you either don’t know about it or have completely ignored it. I think you can check with the city of Everett to confirm that I will not, & do not just shut up & go away.
I have posted stories on my blogs & sent a lot of them forward to the appropriate agencies & NOTHING has been done. I now understand WHY there is the level of corruption in our Government that there is: Because no one does anything
1) Tim Rasmussen the Stevens County Prosecutor was being investigated for alleged fraud in regards to his charity, lawyers were donating to another charity for a sweeter deal, & he lied & said his charity had nothing to do with the one they were donating to, the money was in fact being sent to that charity which the Washington state AG has dinked for fraudulent business practices down to an agency called Versacare, which is the 7th Day Adventist Blanket charity. I sent the proof to the Washington State Bar Association, & they did NOTHING, as a matter of fact they cleared him of all wrong doing! He is now so bold that he freely admits on the bottom of his charity page that he is an affiliate of Children’s Care International!!! So it seems to me as long as he keeps paying his Bar Dues he will be able to get away with anything, & they will clear him everytime.

2) Ginger Luke & her Husband Jakob Lueck’s Pet Rescue Scam & Prior Bad Acts of Animal Abuse. Ginger & Jakob have been convicted of animal cruelty abuse, neglect & illegal transport, just recently Jakob Lueck was busted for a major Pot Grow Operation, & in the charging documents I found out that one of the first customers on his “List” is the animal control officer I am having trouble with. I will be starting litigation against her as well as she, the officer & their friend Rose Adams all started this garbage. She has WAY too many properties she’s been using charity money meant for the dogs to buy it with, upwards of 20 different properties, she doesn’t claim most of her sales & has been kicked out of Petco, Petsmart & just about every other store in this state because of her practices.

3) Snohomish County Jail deaths. So 6 people have died here & yet Snohomish County is still ALLOWED to do it’s own investigations, & send the bodies to their own morgue which has been plagued by a plethera of problems as well. Is anyone going to pick up the ball on this one or is it going to be swept under the rug?

4) Thurston County Rescue “Scheme” AKA Scam. This is by far the sickest most disgusting use of power & funding that I have seen. Cop goes out & investigates people for animal cruelty, take the people’s animals, get donations from the public & the county, ask the judge at the people’s hearings for 10 to 20K & when the case is over they sell the animals to slaughter, or if you call in to ask for help from the agency they take your animals too. Cop is married to the lady who started the rescue, & the head of it now is also the head of the County shelter, all of the expert witnesses are either family friends or on the board of the rescue. Everyone is making money, lawyers, judges, court, probation, vets, rescue, shelter, all riding the gravy train of animal suffering.

5) Taamu V The City of Everett & the Everett Animal Control. My case has gone on for 22 months with 94 violations of state & federal laws, with a cost to taxpayers of close to 874K to prosecute me for a 1K misdemeanor, in Municipal Court, they took my animals & showed up with them at the shelter almost 6 hours later with one bleeding from his rectum, another having seizures, and another bloody, hypothermic & missing her perfect teeth. I have not seen them in 22 months, almost 2 yrs I will never get back with my senior animals & they threw away my one dogs body after they desecrated him in violation of my Native beleifs & customs, they have thrown me in jail for being 8 minutes late asking a 5K bail on a 1k misdemeanor, the jude gave me 10 times the sentence that was requested after I was found guilty because I was NOT allowed an expert witness, or ANY witnesses, & a jury of my peers. My case is so convoluted that I had to make a web page, a blog & a radio show to cover it all. Now Snohomish County has joined in their harassment, along with the City Attorney & death threats from the city’s witnesses, as well as hundreds of emails & posting on an internet board called Craigslist

I don’t understand WHY none of you have done anything about any of this! I know the ACLU told me that unless media was involved they couldn’t do anything, the Dept of Justice is just passing me around with promises to help & doing NOTHING, the only one of you that has done something is KOMO4 news that reported on a dog that the Everett Shelter murdered, unless it has something to do with Aaron Reardon’s wanker the Everett Herald is not going to do any stories telling the truth about this shelter. Senator Maria Cantwell is currently trying to help, the Judicial commission is actually doing an investigation, the Medical “Quality” Assurance Board is obviously too challenged to read their own WAC’s, the Bar… yeah they have done what they will continue to do: Nothing.
The ridiculous part is that all the stories on my blog, show & page ALL have documentation to back them up, I have proof, none of my mediums are blocked or hidden, they are there for the public -including you- to see, to act upon, to do something about but as of yet nothing has been done. I may be autistic, & I understand the challenges in understanding me sometimes, but I am fairly sure I am dealing with college educated people who can easily understand what I am saying. I don’t care if I don’t hear from most of you, I don’t care if you want to take credit for the stories or investigation, that is not why I am doing this. I would just like SOMEONE to do SOMETHING
Brandia Taamu

How many more people have to die at the Snohomish County Jail before someone notices?

I seen the news, but wasn’t really paying attention, I heard man died at Snohomish County jail, the family is seen crying, asking why. For some reason I thought it may be in connection with one of the other 5 folks that have died at the jail, perhaps a lawsuit?

News comes on again & I realize it is a new person. I don’t understand why our Washington State Attorney General is not investigating any of this. One life is too many to lose but 6 of them??? Oh wait! Is he so busy with his campaigns that I guess he can’t be bothered with the citizens?

I have to tell you this, I write about the jail, the deaths & the food because the guards themselves have asked me to do so. Even they are worried about the conditions & lack of care. Not the higher ups but the people who have deal with this on a daily basis.

Snohomish County is a very strange creature… I haven’t quite figured it out yet, maybe there is no figuring it out, maybe it’s better not to try.

Anyway here are the stories in our local paper, it should be noted that they did bring up the fact that there has been previous deaths there, when none of the broadcast news reports did, so Kudo’s to Rikki, the thing that concerns me & should scare the family is that they are relying on the Snohomish County Coroner to assess the situation, this should be conducted by an outside agency… (Please click the blue link to read my previous story about their agency troubles.) Please save yourself some nausea & don’t read the comments from the usual ignorant Herald trolls

Published: Saturday, September 15, 2012, 2:17 p.m.
By Rikki King, Herald Writer

EVERETT — A 60-year-old Concrete man died overnight Friday while in custody at Snohomish County Jail. The man allegedly had been in a confrontation with jail staff earlier that night and had been shot with an electronic stun gun, Everett police officer Aaron Snell said Saturday. The man had been arrested about 9:30 p.m. Friday after reportedly shoplifting from a gas station in the 3500 block of Broadway. He was booked for investigation of theft, Snell said. At the jail, the man allegedly fought with custody staff and was put into isolation. Jail staff checked on him later, found him in distress and began resuscitation efforts, Snell said. The Everett Fire Department also responded. The man’s name was not released Saturday. His body was taken to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office, which will determine how he died. The death is being investigated by the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team, a cadre of homicide detectives from around the county who probe deaths involving police. It was at least the sixth death at the jail since 2010. Additional details about the investigation weren’t immediately available.

Published: Sunday, September 16, 2012, 4:06 p.m.

EVERETT — Bill Williams had good years, too. He worked hard running a landscaping business in Skagit County. He liked to play the drums and barbecue. He had a lot of friends. Williams, 60, also had suffered from mental illness since his 20s, according to his family. He died Friday night at the Snohomish County Jail, shortly after being shot with an electronic stun gun during a struggle with jail staff, police said. Williams was arrested about 9:30 p.m. Friday at a Broadway gas station, where he’d allegedly shoplifted. He had been living in Everett recently, receiving services from Compass Health, said his daughter, Trina Blau, 31, of Everett.  Williams was a father of two, and had three small granddaughters. He suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenic episodes and tendencies, Blau said. Her father could lose contact with reality, and become violent. The family tried for years to help him, and he’d been hospitalized about a dozen times, she said. Investigators haven’t shared further details about the circumstances surrounding Williams’ death. After the struggle with jail staff, Williams was put into an isolation cell, Everett police officer Aaron Snell said. Jail staff later found him in distress and summoned medics. His body was transferred to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office, which will determine how he died. A medical determination could take weeks. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday, according to the family. Williams’ death also is under investigation by the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team, a cadre of homicide detectives from around the county who probe deaths involving police and the use of force. At least five other people have died at the jail since 2010.

At the end of the day, Mr Williams is still dead, maybe if the City of Everett put as much money into Community Services as they have in trying to railroad me they wouldn’t have people getting killed for no reason. The money could’ve been used for much better purposes. So when your family can’t get help or someone dies thank Mayor Ray Stephenson, prosecutor Mike Fisher, City Attorney James Iles, & the Everett city counsel for spending your money so recklessly…
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They’re dropping like flies at the Snohomish County Jail

I don’t know whether to be shocked or dismayed: I guess a little bit of both. A 22 yr old kid is dead, for a pot warrant, he wasn’t a rapist or a terrorist. He didn’t kill someone, didn’t rob a bank… but he is still dead. His mother must be out of her mind. It is called community care & custody, when the police remove your right to freedom & take custody of you. It is expected that you will be safe, that you will receive medical care & humane treatment: I mean this isn’t a 3rd world country is it?

My youngest kids are 22 yrs old & I can’t imagine losing one of them for such a petty reason, & it was very well known this kid had health problems. How did this happen? Why did it happen? Please keep this family in your prayers.

I spent 13 days total in there & couldn’t even get an Aspirin, there was a young man in there who was denied chemotherapy & as far as I know his days are now numbered. I can’t imagine that anyone gets any better care. The nurses were more interested in flirting with the guards & acting like they were on star search then with “treating” anyone.

So five people dead in around a years time, & that hasn’t sent up any red flags? No outside agency has been called in?

Maybe if our local reporters would spend as much time writing, reporting & investigating the jail as they did a certain local politician they might get some results.

Another person dies at the Snohomish County Jail

1)  A 22 yr old man arrested on a marijuana warrant Monday night collapsed in the Snohomish County Jail on Tuesday morning and later died, officials said. The investigation is being handled by the sheriff’s office Major Crimes Unit, which is standard procedure when someone dies at the jail in Everett. It will be up to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s office to identify the man and determine the cause of death, Prentiss said.
2) In December, a Mill Creek man, 32, was found hanging from a hook in his cell with a sheet tied around his neck in what detectives determined was a suicide. He was jailed the day before for investigation of possessing marijuana plants.
3) In November, an Everett woman, 27, died from what was later determined to be a lung infection. She was booked into jail on drug and prostitution charges.
4) An Everett man, 38, died in April 2010 from heart disease. He’d been jailed a month earlier for investigation of unlawful imprisonment and making death threats to a roommate,
5) A woman, 65, died of natural causes the same month. She was awaiting sentencing on animal cruelty charges after letting more than two dozen cats starve to death in the Granite Falls home she could no longer afford.

Let’s hope the family has a good lawyer because they have to depend on the incompetent Snohomish County Coroner… Lets just hope they don’t accidentally cremate him too. There has been problems there for years. Snohomish county seems to have turned into a clusterfuck of incompetent boobs because everyone is so worried about crawling up Reardon’s butt & whenever he TRIES to make any changes that make any sense the “Pissy Committee” AKA the Snohomish County Council acts like a bunch of high school drama queens. Perfect example Reardon tried to put a hiring freeze into effect they ALL cried about it… that is until they hired all their friends… then they reintroduce the whole thing like it was their idea!!!

Below are just a few articles about the coroner’s office 

CPS points to evidence of neglect in Monroe death MONROE — State social workers say there is evidence that a Monroe couple mistreated or neglected their 7-year-old son, contributing to the boy’s overdose death in January, according to records. Date: 06/20/12

Lack of autopsy hampers probe of boy’s death MONROE — Just three hours after Monroe police began investigating the suspicious death of a child, officials with the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office released his body to a funeral home without conducting a complete autopsy, newly… Date: 05/04/12

Timeline of events following Monroe boy’s death Jan. 303:30 a.m. — Boy’s father said he found his son “ash white” and left for the hospital.4:06 a.m. — Boy and father arrive at Valley General Hospital in Monroe. Their house is about five minutes away by car. Date: 05/04/12

Frustrations with medical examiner detailed in report EVERETT — A consultant’s review of the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office appears to have missed the mark when it described Medical Examiner Dr. Norman Thiersch throwing a scalpel at an employee. Date: 12/28/10

Medical examiner’s office needs reform, report says EVERETT — Autopsies at the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office are being performed in ways that respect the dignity of the dead, but there are problems with management, employee morale and workplace behavior, according to a… Date: 12/01/10

Medical Examiner’s Office needs reform, report says EVERETT — Autopsies at the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office are being performed in ways that respect the dignity of the dead, but there are problems with management, employee morale and workplace behavior, according to a… Date: 12/01/10

Snohomish Medical Examiner’s Office to get independent review Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon’s staff is outlining plans for an independent review of the county morgue, despite internal inquiries that found little amiss. Date: 08/10/10

County’s internal report finds no proof of botched autopsies EVERETT — A new in-house review of the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office finds little evidence to support claims about mutilated bodies being sent to area funeral homes, though the report may fail to put many questions to rest. Date: 07/27/10

Report on Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office angers former staffers A review of alleged problems at the office is largely favorable, but some people cited in the report say remarks may be libelous. Date: 07/25/10

County Council seeks probe of medical examiner’s office EVERETT — Questions about staff turnover, working relationships with funeral homes and the treatment of bodies at the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office merit a review by an independent, third party, County Council Chairman Dave… Date: 06/24/10

County Council seeks clarity about morgue accusations Questions about staff turnover, working relationships with funeral homes and the treatment of bodies at the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office merit a review by an independent, third party, County Council Chairman Dave Gossett… Date: 06/23/10

Medical examiner’s autopsies scrutinized Two complaints about how the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office handled bodies across nearly a decade have prompted reviews by top county officials. Date: 05/19/10

Assistance with police statements questioned EVERETT – A Snohomish County detective’s investigation of a man’s fatal collapse during an arrest is raising questions about the accuracy of Everett police officers’ official reports. Date: 04/30/06

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TGIF! Updates on a couple of stories.

Alrighty then just a couple of updates for everyone:

1) Aaron Reardon Scandal: I have stepped to the side on this one, the reporters from the Everett Herald have literally 1000′s of documents they are trying to sort through & they are doing stories as they find them. The State Patrol also has an active investigation going  on, I hope that an end to this is near. Reardon is showing his ego & refusing to step down while this investigation is ongoing, so that the focus can be on County Business not his wandering body parts. The money is our business, nothing more.

Here is the latest story from the Herald which illustrates the stonewalling & ego’s at work in regards to the Lasider Scandal.

2) The Turner/Olympia Raid & Hooved Animal Care of Thurston County. I haven’t heard anything back from the newspapers or the rescue, silence speaks volumes. Ms Turner has chosen to avail herself of counsel now & the court date is moving forward, she has G Paul Mabrey to do the initial report & hopefully he will be brought in as a defense witness. I have seen the vet records & they are as screwy as mine were, actually worse if that is even possible. The good/bad news is that they managed to stress her out so bad that she did lose one of her babies but it was confirmed that the other one is still hanging in there. You would think that killing her horse & her child would be enough for these scumbag urchins but I guess not.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not: Rebecca Turner was the first person charged under the states new animal cruelty laws, so basically she is the sacrificial poster child for the new law. Also I have NEVER heard of this before, I can’t even find a case that comments on it: The prosecutor was on site for the raid! Why would a prosecutor show up to serve the warrant unless she had a personal or political interest in the case??? Hopefully Ms Turners new counsel is sharp enough to be able to call her for what she is: A witness. Talk about totally inappropriate.

I have been getting many many emails about the rescue but I have to say this, I just wont post gossip & innuendo. It seems there are quite a few folks with a personal axe to grind with them, but without documentation I can’t do anything, & if they choose to respond it will also be posted, they have that much of right, everyone does. I am not impressed with what I have seen so far, but as the old saying goes: There are always 3 sides to every story, 1 person’s side, the other person’s side & the truth. That is why I left the links up for their page, for their paypal & with their info because someone else may know something I don’t or have a different perspective & if any animals came to harm because I didn’t have all the facts, then I would be morally responsible for that. You have to remember I know full well what it feels like to be falsely accused & lied about. I did post my question on their facebook page BUT I didn’t push the “Like” button so it wouldn’t show up on their page for anyone else to see. It would go to their hidden posts so that they can personally respond to me since I didn’t know who to contact.

3) Deskins V Stevens County: If I am reading things right the appeal has been accepted for Oral Arguments in May!!! I do know that Mr Rasmussen is still threatening to press new charges on Ms Deskins every single time a new brief is filed or an argument prevails. What Mr Rasmussen fails to realize is he has to get through Mark Lindquist to get to Ms Deskins… Not gonna happen. I still haven’t gotten any of the public records I requested but it is only costing them BY THE DAY for every day I don’t get them so I guess Stevens County must have some pretty big bucks. After many calls to the 3rd Division they FINALLY managed to get her case listed. I might actually try to make it to the Oral Arguments to see how it goes though.

29532-0 – State of Washington v. Pamela Deskins
Hearing Date – 05/03/2012

What I still don’t have any idea about is HOW Mr Rasmussen managed to get out of the Bar Association Investigation so it looks like it will have to go to another investigative authority to get anything resolved in this matter. I was told that even though the WSBA investigation is closed they have the option of reopening the case if they get additional information, so now that I know that it just makes their actions even more reprehensible since I sent them the information myself.

I know I have been named in her Federal Lawsuit as an information witness, so that is kind of nerve racking but I understand her position. I’d do the same thing if I were her, possibly more.

4) Snohomish County Jail deaths & injuries: I have not made any progress with that. I did however get a call from the Mother of the man who’s cancer treatments are being withheld. She talked to Corrections Officer Evans who evidently is representative of the ATTITUDE of the jail. She told him she knew about the man who tried to hang himself & he said “So what it happens all the time. Are we supposed to watch them 24hrs a day” So… It happens all the time? Wow, what a very kind & appropriate thing to say to a mother who’s son is terminally ill & not receiving care based on one snotty witch’s decision NOT. On that note I am not sure just how much more I should do, I have advised the family to get a Civil Rights lawyer & to contact the Justice Dept, let’s just hope the boy doesn’t die in the meantime. :~(

So that’s about all the info I have for everyone right now. I will update more as soon as I know anything myself. Have an awesome weekend!

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What is really going on at the Snohomish County Jail???

Now I am getting hundreds of reports since I did the story on the crappy food & the deaths at Snohomish County Jail.

Mostly I get emails or calls from people who have gotten some variety of staph or TB while in custody, a couple other complaints about the sh*tty food complaining they got food poisoning, or were sick for weeks after leaving. I have also gotten MANY reports about people with heart problems that were made worse by all the salt & fat in the food.  3 people who had to have emergency surgery.

I got a call from an inmate who tells me that some guy tried to hang himself in his cell, he didn’t succeed but he did manage to break his neck. I know for a fact they are withholding cancer treatments from one person in custody. The Doctor has called up there & told them he needs his meds but the head nurse up there has decided to STOP all of his medications. Why? Well I will be up there tomorrow morning after I serve the city prosecutor with my Writ of Habeus Corpus & Prohibition, & Appeal Brief, as well as my rebuttal for his request for the Superior court NOT to hear my case (WTH???)

Sounds like it’s time to make some public records requests. I wonder how many people have lost their lives AFTER they were released as a result of their shoddy or non existent care? Why is the head nurse deciding ANY COURSE OF TREATMENT??? She is NOT a doctor, as a matter of fact she is a bitchy little drama queen. Remember I said I was yelling at her & she jumped back & put her hands up made a gasping sound & looked at the guards like I was trying to kill her, they looked at her then at me & then just rolled their eyes & went back to talking & turned back around. Boy was she pissed then!

I feel so badly for the Guards up there, most of them are actually trying to do a good job, there are few buttheads but generally they are there to do their jobs but they treat people like human beings, I’ve heard many a guard chiding a young girl about treating herself better & about staying out of trouble, & telling them that they worth so much more, the women guards not so much, but there were a few good women guards up there. One was trying to act all tough but as soon as a young girl started crying about her baby she immediately morphed into a den mother, so her jig was up, & no one lost any respect for her as a matter of fact they stopped screwing with her or trying to mess with the rules cause she was “real people” as they put it.

I have alot more investigating to do & now more time to do it in, so we’ll see what I can come up with. I realize that most people think people who are in jail “deserve it” & taking care of them is not high on a priority list for most folks, what you might fail to realize is that they are, each single one, a human being, they have worth, they have problems & most are the products of someone else’s abuse or neglect, they are the people without the money for the fancy healthcare or counseling, they are the one’s who have fallen through so many cracks for most of their lives, they are the one’s who guarantee that people will always have jobs in the Penal Institutions because it is so much easier & financially prudent to just warehouse them. If you are reading this & thinking to yourself how much better you are then them then I would submit that you are not the kind of person I would ever want to know or to come into contact with, ever.

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Going to the Snohomish County Jail could be dangerous to your health

As most know I had a chance to visit the Snohomish County jail recently. If there was a website to review the jail I would’ve given it 2 thumbs down, the beds are hard mats, the food is quite possibly the most repulsive slop I have ever encountered in my life, I was not even able to get a stupid stinking little baby aspirin, or any medical attention whatsoever. Oh but they were handing out psych meds & methadone like candy WTH? Nothing like keeping folks “chemically restrained”

I did manage to find out it was Aramark that was responsible for the putrid slop, & yes I realize jail is not intended to be a vacation getaway, but the slop they served looked like all of the garbage they couldn’t pawn off on anyone else so they threw it all together & sold it at OVER INFLATED prices to the county. When you can not visually identify what a pile of brown lumps is & you are expected to eat them…  Nah. I did manage to find their website & I can tell you they are false advertising, lying, whatever you want to call it, there was nothing in those pictures that looked like anything I was forced to eat.

I am guessing as a tax-payer for Snohomish County it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t such over priced pig slop. The saying “You get what you pay for” only applies to the private sector, in the Govt it seems to mean you only get what they can gouge out of you & the tax-payers. It is nothing but starch & salt with some grease thrown in for good measure, which might be the best part of the whole fare sadly enough.

So it got me to thinking… There have been 4 deaths there recently, one of a woman who died of a “lung infection” another was a woman who had “congestive heart failure”, one man “suicide” & the last man of “natural causes”. (The CHF & the Lung Infection were also called Natural Causes)

I submit there is no death in a 27 yr old that can be called natural causes, that Diane Cowling had a pre-existing heart condition & needed constant medical care, if they couldn’t get me an aspirin imagine what they didn’t do for her. Seriously the medical staff is about as useful as teats on a boar. The guards did try to help me repeatedly & even they were yelled at & lied to. I finally just quit asking for help because I felt so bad for them.

3 of the deaths have been in just the past year, so my question is why hasn’t there been an inquest of some kind? No matter what your personal opinion is of someone in jail, the fact remains that they are still human beings,  who are lost, who don’t have direction, who don’t have good support networks or strong family ties, or even those with addictions that have taken over their very being.

It broke my heart being in there, there were so many young girls who just simply wanted to be noticed, to be valued, & to feel accepted. A young mother who’s husband had put her out on the streets looked down in shame when she told me she had been arrested for prostitution, (her husband was 12 yrs her senior), I explained to her what a real man was not a punk bitch, told her every chance I got what a special creature she was & explained to her how her infant son would turn out to be if she kept him around someone like that.

There were no fights or even arguments while I was there, I made everyone be nice to each other, I was the unofficial “den mother” & just the change in the girls in 24 hour periods was amazing, but the sad fact remains that I can not be there to protect them when they hit the streets, they all have my number, maybe someday they will chose to use it, maybe not now but maybe later, in the meantime I pray every night for them and the thousands of others just like them.

So it made me wonder, how much did the pig slop & lack of medical care have to do with the deaths? We were exposed to Turburculosis, Whooping cough & some version of flesh eating bacteria as well as staph infections just while I was in there. It also made me wonder how many have died in there that haven’t made it into the newspapers… Our local reporters are usually on top of things but you just never know. I think it’s about time for public records request though!!!

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